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The BCS Dare.

Alright, those of you who've read this site for the past five months should realize how much Ron and I hate tOSU. In fact, we dubbed it the "best damn paid for team in the land, that didn't want to go to USC." I'm still sticking by that insult. In fact, I'm sticking by it so much that I'm going to "man up" in my belief that Troy Smith needs to leave the field via stretcher. Thus the "Fuck Ohio State" bet that I'm having with Amy...

Who is Amy?

Get a room...

Cute, ain't it? I'm getting in my insulin shot looking at that picture. (Be aware that I love her and A-Rock to death, but still... Emotional, I ain't.)

Amy is a pure "Scarlet and whatever fucking colors tOSU decided to pick up along the side of the road" girl. As for me, as much as I insult the SEC/Bubba League, I'm still a Southern boy willing to stand up to this Yankee yapping. It's time for the bet.

If tOSU fucking wins, I get to humiliate myself right here in front of all of you by soiling my body with a fucking tOSU shirt. And folks, I'm tattooed. Trust me, the tats hurt less than wearing that shirt.

If Florida defends the honor of the South, Amy gets to march her cute little ass in front of a camera with a Florida Gators shirt on. (Don't worry, dear, I'll get you a pink one if you need it in that color.)

In other words, kids. You better pray to baby Jesus that Florida wins. I become even more bitter when I lose bets. I'm sure a certain queer webmaster and a couple of Vandy fraternity fags are hoping that day never comes...

Gator Chomp, bitches!
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I'm in a very peculiar spot tonight.

A) I live in Ohio and no matter where I go, to a friend's to watch or down in the lobby to watch [which I won't be doing, as I'll be at my friend's] I'm surrounded by Buckeye fans.

B) I hate the Bucks. Even though I grew up in Jersey, I was always partial to Michigan [the Heisman pose by Desmond Howard stands out as one of the best things I've ever seen].

C) By way of me being an FSU fan, I flat out hate Florida.

D) As much as I wanna stay home and watch Raw tonight, I know it's going to suck harder than Jenna Jameson on Tito Ortiz.

So it's either watch a game with two teams I can't stand or watch Raw which I know will suck. I choose football. :P

Posted by Len at 01/08/07 13:26:23

Tim Tebow is the blackest QB in football. Thus, Florida wins.

Posted by Ron at 01/08/07 15:11:07

Go Florida, Go! (Who doesn't hate Ohio State?)

Posted by Jaime Sue at 01/08/07 21:44:24

Guess we'll get to see that Florida shirt after all...

God bless the Gators...[smells a blog entry coming]

Posted by Len at 01/09/07 00:18:45

Apparently the sporting gods decided they didn't want to see you in scarlet. :)

Posted by Jade at 01/09/07 00:53:16

She's still mailing me the shirt. But I'll be a good sport and oblige the girl.

Posted by Rich at 01/09/07 11:44:44

Now, hang on...I do believe that the tOSU shirt-wearing involved the loss of Michigan to USC. ;-) Hence why you are being sent a shirt (as soon as I get a run to the mall...I hate being in the middle of nowhere and an hour drive from society) and why I want a picture. ;-)

Still working on procuring the Gator shirt my younger brother (who bleeds Scarlet and Grey darker than I do...probably because he gets cable and can actually watch the weekly games) got as a gag gift this Christmas. It's a 2XL (he's 6'4") and I'm 5'3", so it ought to be an amusing worthy of such a travesty as losing the National Championship.

Oh...and on Saturdays, God wears a sweater vest!

Posted by at 01/10/07 07:15:41

Yeah, too bad it's mainly in Blue and Gold. I think we can spare the details on the college that is. :-D

Posted by Rich at 01/10/07 17:25:02

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