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Iverson Moves his TITS class to Denver.

For the ones who give a shit still about A.I., Professor Iverson is picking up his TITS class and moving to Denver. According to the BS Leader and the always lovely Sooze, Allen Iverson is coming to the Rocky Mountains to bring Thuggin' and Sexyness back.

Now we all wonder, what Philly's getting for this. Well, here's the official blah of what. Andre Miller, Joe Smith and two 2007 first-round picks to the Sixers for Iverson and perhaps another minimum-salaried player or two. Translation: Chris's fantasy team is fucked, and Denver is getting a true scoring thug and two of his boys. Philly gets two young guns and picks to try to rebuild the mess that Billy King will make bigger anyways.

Now for those of you taking Prof. Iverson's TITS class in Philly, there is a change. While he's still teaching the following:

Fashion: Can You Ever Wear Too Much Jewelry?

He'll pick up a new course:

Thuggin', Druggin' and Brawlin': How to Fight Like a Real Man, Biotch!

Considering that Melo put up a fucking pussy shot on Collins, the Answer might be what he needs. Also, A.I. kinda likes George Karl, so that's a plus. Come to think of it, the fight would turn out a lot different this time. The Answer would've ended up by punching Zeke the Bitch. So, both sides win.

Philly gets Miller, Smith and draft picks.

Denver gets street cred and a man who'll actually shank Isiah Thomas at the next game.

I might actually watch the NBA more now...
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Damn. Me thinks that Philly isn't the place to be if you're a franchise playa
type, because you're all but doomed to
A) never win a championship, B) never come close despite putting up big time numbers and C) you'll be traded for 45 cents to the dollar with the Sixers getting jack in return...other than being jacked.

But as a Melo & A.I. fan, I'm overjoyed
by this. I can see this being the year Melo makes a deep run into the playoffs, once these two learn how to play together. Eat that Prince James.

Posted by Len at 12/19/06 17:24:43

I think Iverson could average 20 and 10 with Melo around to dribble-drive to. Assuming, of course, that they're both not trying to be the dribble-driver. In the mean time, look for everyone's fantasy stats to crumple once Melo comes back.

Posted by Ron at 12/19/06 18:04:05

With Iverson being dealt to Denver, I really think we've all seen the last of Garnett in a Timberpuppies uniform. I think that the front office not pursuing Iverson is the straw that will break Garnett's back and he will quietly ask for a ticket out of MN. This saddens me, being a lifelong T-Pups fan, but they just haven't put the pieces around him that he deserves.
So long KG, it's been real.

Posted by Spinler at 12/20/06 02:15:30

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