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A Mile High Answer

Fret not Nuggets fans, help is on the way. As if blowing out the Wizards last night in their first of 14 more games without Melo wasn't bad enough you now have something to cheer about. So please, stop with the threats to Adolf Stern and quit threatening to do bodily harm to Dummy Thomas. No need going the Zeke route now [making dumb threats when you can do other things with your time]. But anyway, Denver now has its most star studded guard in a Nuggets uniform since Alex English was running and gunning for Doug Moe. So let the overhyping and all that, commence...

Oh, I'm supposed to finish here, right? Well I guess I should. There are many reasons Nuggets fans should be concerned about this not working out once the calendar turns and we hit mid-January, which is when J.R. and Melo return from their respective suspensions. Fact is, if it weren't for the fact that this is Allen Iverson, this trade would BARELY be on the map. Fact is, giving away Joe Smith, Andre Miller and two 1st rounders to a Sixers team that's practically got one of those scaffold dealies outside of the Wachovia Center to let the world know they're rubles.

I'm going to say this right now and you can mark it down...the Nuggets will be out of the first round of the playoffs this year. [Damn, I can't wait to hear these Cavs fans moan and groan about how Melo's got A.I. with him now and LBJ's stuck with Larry Hughes.] In terms of potential chemistry issues, let me put it to you like this. With A.I. in a Nuggets uniform, you've got the Western Conference's best 1-2 punch with Melo and The Answer. If you can name one that's got more punch from a scoring and overall standpoint, feel free.

I mean, with 4.9 left and the game on the line, who do you double team? A.I.? Sure, go on and leave Melo open then prepare to explain why you left one of the better clutch shooters in the league open. Melo? Think A.I. won't drop that dagger from 15-20 feet? Or take someone off the dribble [he can still do that better than most of the young whippersnappers out there] and drive or drive and kick to Melo?

This is what the West didn't want to happen. If you're George Karl, you've got to be loving this because you now have the best guard you've ever coached not named Payton or Allen. Hell, I'd take Iverson in his prime over Payton in his. Looking for a darkhorse contender to emerge out of the West this season? Denver's it. Oh and I'd be remiss if I didn't take this time out to address the severely disappointed Cavaliers fans who foolishly banked on the Cavs making a move or two to get A.I. with LBJ.

Sorry... once again that management didn't care enough about their vaunted franchise player or you fans to do something to vastly improve your team. Sorry that the hopes and nightmares waiting to happen will fall on the shoulders of Larry 'I spend more time hurt than I do playing' Hughes and Anderson 'My hair looks like a Brillo pad mixed with a Chia Pet' Varajeo.

Sorry that your team's doomed to finish second or third in the Central and probably assure yourselves of a quick out in the playoffs.

Sorry that Melo's had more success than LBJ and I'm so so so...okay, I'm not sorry that LBJ's going to leave after his contract ends when he realizes that management only wants to fill the seats with his ass instead of winning a championship.

I am Da Bad Guy and that's the gospel. Church.
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Does this mean Caramel Anthony is actually Dan Issel? Or is Melo more like Kiki Vandeweghe?

Posted by Ron at 12/19/06 18:11:36

I got a feeling that AI and 'melo can't survive each other. Thres no way to distribute a combined 60 points per game in a single backcourt. Somethings got to give.

Posted by Sammy at 12/19/06 18:40:49

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