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Rich And Creamy Haterade Served By The No Balls Association.

I'm probably in the minority on this one and quite frankly, I don't care. I'm sick of this crap. From the very beginning, Carmelo Anthony's been the victim of Haterism. It's a very nasty thing and in this case, it's unjustified.

He did what no other Syracuse alum did and that's give Jim Boeheim a National Championship. He did this a year prior to leaving for the NBA, where he went third in the draft behind Crowned Prince James and In The Darko Milicic. Now I told people three years ago that Melo's a franchise player and he's the type of player you can build a championship squad around, while LBJ's the type of player you use to put asses in the seats or what I'm going to officially refer to as...a Billboard on Two Feet.

The Billboard on Two Feet, upon entering the league instantly became one of MANY Jordan wannabes annointed by everyone except the Queen of England as the 'Air Apparent' and while he wears the number 23 [which should be retired for all time, like the #99 is in hockey to pay proper respect to its greatest player] and sticks his tongue out like Jordan...

The similarities stop with the number and tongue. The boy bites his nails more than R.Kelly will at trial, waiting on the verdict from an all-white jury. It took him three damn seasons to crack the damn playoffs in the Leastern Conference. THE FUCKING LEASTERN CONFERENCE IS AKIN TO THE DAMN JV DIVISION IN LACROSSE PEOPLE!!!

Carmelo's gotten his Denver team with even less talent than the Cavaliers to the playoffs in three straight years in a much, MUCH tougher conference. Hell, he's even lead them to a division title in his first three years. Good luck thinking that ole LBJ's gonna lead Cleveland past Detroit, Chicago and Indy in the toughest division in the Least.

But the Haterism started on Carmelo when despite having a vastly superior rookie season [not to mention successful to boot], LeBron was handed Rookie of the Year honors [which should've been handed to him on draft night, so as to spare us all the inevitable robbery we were witnesses to]. But Melo's toiled on out West, doing his thing while the world continues to suck LBJ off as if he's the Next Great Thing on a team that's got a center on his last leg...err, ankle and a Pippen that's barely a Toni Kukoc in all honesty.

LeBron leaves the court early during a blowout loss to the Hawks, yes, THOSE Hawks and the world doesn't see it. Isn't until an Atlanta broadcast brings it to our attention that the world takes notice and even then, we didn't see what the broadcasters in the Dirty Dirty saw. But let's flip this now...
Carmelo lands a fadeaway right that meets the jaw of Mardy Collins [doesn't Chaney teach his boys to be rougher or was that the thug who broke that kid's arm?] and he's gotta sit down for 15 games. Let me restate what I just said one more time, because even I can't believe this. Carmelo lands ONE DAMN PUNCH...and he's gonna be sitting for the next [counts games...] month.

ONE MONTH FOR ONE DAMN PUNCH, STERN?! The man's your leading damn scorer right now in the league, he was the only man who showed himself to be worthy of wearing USA colors in what turned out to be another damn laugher that nobody but every foreigner around the globe found funny in Japan and how you reward him? Carmelo, for 15 damn games, you were probably better off just breaking Mardy's jaw and calling it a day.

This makes no damn sense. It really doesn't and in the strangest of strange ironies...wanna know when Melo's first game back will be? A month from Wednesday's date, at Houston only HOURS after they entertain...Prince James and his Cavaliers. If you're reading this Denver, now might be a PERFECT TIME to seek out The Answer. Your season depends on it.

Look, I'm fully appreciative of Stern taking measures to "clean up" the NBA's image. But when you're suspending a guy 15 games for ONE PUNCH when you've got a coach that's basically ordering his players to maul someone going to the basket getting absolutely nothing other than a slap on the wrist is not only's flat out insulting to my intelligence.

But then again, considering the fact that Zeke's on the brink of being fired yet again, maybe he doesn't need any games off. Maybe him being stuck on the Titanic basically nailed to the floorboards directly in front of the wheel is enough punishment for this rat bitch who ran one of the greatest coaches in the game out of town. Oh and Larry if you're reading this, PLEASE, PLEASE, P-L-E-A-S-E take the Jersey job if it becomes available.

I won't hold it against you if you run it up on the Knic...Dicks everytime you play em'. On that note, it has been said that the Carolina fraternity has frowned greatly upon Zeke's treatment of Larry and that retaliation will be swift this season any and EVERY time any of them cross paths with the Dicks.

But as I've said albeit in a passing manner while efedding, you can't keep greatness down. Carmelo will return and you can bet your last dollar to the dime, he's going to shred any and all who get in his way.

Denver will make it to the playoffs, with or without The Answer because My Boy Melo won't allow his team to count ping pong balls when it should be playing past late April. All told, Stern's using acid to clean up any little thing and in the process, he's making things worse than what they really are. Rasputin Thomas has somehow, some way managed to elude the Wrath of Stern while Melo, having an MVP caliber season has to take the brunt of this. Rasputin will, for all intents and purposes find a way to keep his job even though he's managed to out-Millen the man who exemplifies ineptitude in the managerial field with the NBA's most marketable franchise in Gotham City of all places. Matter of fact, from this point on I'm enacting the Rasputin Thomas Rule which goes as follows.

Rasputin Thomas Rule- Any team that hires a man who has singlehandedly managed to sink an entire league, franchise or team and does so of their own free will, shall be subject to IMMEDIATE disbanding under Jersey Code 8 Sub-Sections 1-23 of the Jersey Sports Code.

I feel you Melo, drop 40 on your return holmes. Len Gotti, out.
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Len, dude, try the decaf, trust me. :)
I love 'Melo,too, but he didn't need to pull the punch-and-run on this one (unless, as I said before, he was laying out Isiah Thomas). It was completely unnecessary--hell, the fight was more or less over until he came in. He should have kept his fists to himself and served the Nuggets better by continuing to score for them. He's not going to be helping them any with his ass on the pine; even if he'd only been suspended for one game, it's one game too many for them to do without him.
Plain and simple, he should have known better.

Posted by Jade at 12/18/06 22:26:19

15 games for one punch is a light sentence. If Melo had any kind of idea of how to hit someone, this could've been Kermit Washington/Rudy T. 2. Melo knows better than to do this dumb shit, ESPECIALLY after Detroit. I thought he was smarter than that.

Posted by Ron at 12/19/06 01:02:00

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