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This is the archive for June 2008

It's SKIPB Award time again!

Time to give out another "SucK It uP, Bitch!" award (aka the SKIPB)--and this time, it stays in-house.

This winner is known for his long-winded diatribes, his "guarantees" that fall through without fail, and his long and loud calls for certain job terminations, at least one of which he currently regrets. However, during the recent basketball playoffs, he earned himself this award by proving to be absolutely, completely and totally WRONG in all of his picks--and then trying to cover it up by jumping sides.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the newest recipient of the SKIPB: SB's own Len!

A few quotes from recent columns:

"You want a prediction, Lenstradamus will give it to ya. This goes 7. The Pistons steal one in Boston, the Celts figure out how to win on the road. Game 7, this time, the luck will run out for the Irish and they'll be left at home in a heap."

"I think the Lakers from a depth perspective in this series, don't quite match up to the firepower that the Spurs can bring off the bench at any given time. ...I'm going with the Spurs which means Stern's Ratings Nightmare will happen again, Pistons/Spurs in the Finals."

"The Lakers will win this series and simply put, I see Kobe closing this out in Boston, in 6 games...Get ready for the Lake Show, kids. Because Kobe's getting his crown back, like it or not. "

And then came that infamous Game 4...Oh, our Len was singing a different tune now.

Sorry, Len, you pick a loser, you admit you picked a loser. You can't simply switch sides and hope nobody noticed. You blew this one big time, so why don't you just go ahead and ...(say it with me, people)


Oh, yeah--I've got your trophy attached to the hood of my Yankeesmobile. I'll give it to you the next time I run ov--I mean INTO you. ;)