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The Los Angeles Breakdown

Okay, after Thursday night's inexcusable implosion that made Chernobyl seem like the 4th of July, I have a few things to say...

1) No more 'he's like Jordan' shit. For any NBA player, past, present or future. That's it. Kobe, I hate to say it, but you're no longer Kobe Bauer. You're just Kobe Bryant. That's all. Nobody even remotely CLOSE to being 'like Jordan' would dare blow a 24 point second half lead...AT HOME in a CRITICAL FINALS GAME.
2) The Celtics are proof positive that no matter what rule changes are made, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Wanna know how you come back from down two dimes and four pennies in the second half? You play DEFENSE. That's how.
3) Doc Rivers apparently, knows how to coach after all. Doc's starting to remind me of the smart kid who plays dumb a little too well, then when he decides to throw that switch, is smart enough to break down formulas even Einstein couldn't touch. (Just saying, he's better than we thought he was.)
4) Big Chief Triangle may want to lose himself in Bermuda after this series. The real Bermuda Triangle by the by. In 2004, his team lost because simply put, they were older than dirt and it was just obviously apparent that the Pistons as a team wanted it more. This time around, armed with a walking WMD that's up for declassification in about a half or so, it was hard to pick against the Lake Show in this series. REALLY HARD. Not when the Lake Show breezed through the West and the Celts were extended to 7 in their first two rounds against far inferior before showing they had a spine and balls against the Pistons in 6.
Now, it's almost like what we saw out of the Lakers was ironically enough, an act. The Celts are showing what's real and maybe this "chapter" of the "rivalry" hasn't given us any good clotheslines or memorable moments to speak of, but Boston owning Los Angeles appears to be the one thing that hasn't changed. I mean, the West side is the best side, right? So why are the last two out of three champions (yeah, I'm assuming a Boston victory because I don't see a comeback from this for Los Angeles. NO F'N WAY.) out of the East? I mean, can we start making the case that had Detroit not choked last year, the East would be 3 for 3? I haven't said this nearly enough, but fuck you Cleveland. :P Sorry, that slipped out. Actually scratch that, I'll put that on ice for when LBJ says it in two, three years time when he leaves the Cavs. But maybe the East is really on its way back. (Waits a few moments, then shakes head.) Alright, I'm kidding. Right now, Boston's really good and everyone else is well, competing for second. I'm sure a lot of folks have their ready made Bynum cases set to roll (basically the 'If Bynum were healthy, this would've been a different series...' cases that always get run whenever a team minus a starter loses), but save em' okay? This series has come down to simple and plain, heart. It took heart on top of a ton of defense by Boston to come back and take Game 4. Oh and for record keeping purposes, I'm calling that the (okay, I can't quite think of a fitting title for that meltdown for the time being) Meltdown. No, wait. Since the NBA's all on full blown nostalgic mode with this and we've already seen the 'Boston Massacre', how's about....

The Los Angeles Breakdown. For the sake of Kobe, who said rather predictably "it ain't over", he'd better be right.
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Sorry, Len--you don't get to switch sides because you picked the wrong team the first time. You picked the Lakers to take it all, it's time to suck it up and simply admit that you suck at picking winners. Trying to guarantee a Celtics win in order to jinx your way into being right isn't allowed. :p

Posted by Jade at 06/16/08 01:27:46

You're a meanie. :P

Posted by Len at 06/16/08 16:49:51

Oh, forgot to laugh at you for the Yanks looking up at the Sawks and the Rays.

*Nelson Munce walks in...*

Nelson: HA-HA!

*Nelson exits.*

That's damn funny.

Posted by Len at 06/16/08 16:50:50

Laugh all you want--just remember that the Yankees always laugh last when it comes to playoff time. At least I don't have to worry about you jinxing them by jumping on their bandwagon.

How 'bout those Mets of yours, anyway? :p

Posted by Jade at 06/17/08 03:48:11

We've taken care of the problem I spoke of last October, albeit 8 months too late. :) We'll be fine. (I hope.)

Posted by Len at 06/17/08 16:22:28

You wish. Like your skills in picking basketball winners, your skills at analyzing baseball teams leave much to be desired. :p

By the way, NYAHH, NYAHH, NYAHH--Celtics win, you suck. >:D

Posted by Jade at 06/18/08 00:27:09

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