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This is the archive for August 2009

Because I'm An Insomniac, It's My Birthday And I'm Bored...

A few things before we get into the proceedings this evening...

1) It's my birthday today. The lone day out of the year I DEMAND to be left alone. Why is this important? Reread the first sentence fragment, it'll guide you well young grasshopper.

2) I don't like American Idol. I like it even less when I can't watch an episode of Sportscenter without seeing one of these putz's on my damn television.

3) Just in case Jade's curious, I'm not about to start calling for Manuel's head just cause the Mets are in a tailspin. Too many injuries at virtually the exact same time, can cripple ANY team. Am I still pining for Bobby Valentine to come on home? Yeah, but I'm realistic to realize there are a great deal of spinally challenged folks within the organization who don't want him back there. But I digress.