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This is the archive for December 2008

ESPN: Sexist Or Just Ignorant?

Annika Sorenstam is being disrespected. Not by me, because I think she’s pretty badass for a golfer (men or women), but by ESPN. They’ve made a big deal about the fact that she’s retiring from golf at age 38 to pursue a normal life with a family and kids and all that business. That’s not what’s disrespectful.

What I think is incredibly disrespectful is that every time they mention her retirement, they talk as if she’ll be coming back next year. I’ve never heard them openly question an athlete’s retirement like this before, and if I were Annika, I’d feel like it’s a slap in the face. Also, if I were Annika, I’d be a millionaire Swedish woman, but that’s another story.

The real story is that, while the talking heads and commentators might have said otherwise, the anchors on SportsCenter weren’t openly mocking Brett Favre’s retirement last year. Nor did anyone scoff at any of Jordan’s THREE retirements. Just because the woman is only in her late 30's and plays a sport routinely played by people in their low 100s doesn't mean she's going to come out of retirement in six months to play in a tournament. She's got her course design, a clothing line, and all kinds of other side businesses in addition to the whole 'try to get knocked up' plan.

At the very least, she's going to stay retired longer than Brett Favre, Jordan's first two retirements, Junior Seau's last few retirements, and basically every boxer that's ever retired (especially if she successfully gets pregnant). While the SportsCenter crew might not respect your decision, I will until you prove to me that you're just as bad as every other waffling, bored male athlete in the twilight of his career.

Have a good retirement!