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This is the archive for December 2008

Random Musings

Oh what the hell, since I've gone off about Cheddar Plax, may as well touch on some other things that's irking me. For starters...

- Let's talk football shall we? We're coming down the homestretch and while there look to be two favorites in each conference, I'm a bit more skeptical than that. See, the Titans are that tradtional 'we can't quite explain why we're this good right now, but we are and we're riding it until we're exposed in the playoffs' roll that at least one team hits every season. Let me tell you straight up folks, the Titans will not win the AFC the way they have most of this year. How's that you ask? Think teams aren't gonna start stacking 8 or 9 guys in the box to shut down LenDale Johnson (my name for Chris and LenDale's little two step deal)? Think teams won't force Kerry Collins to beat them in the air? So what about the Giants you ask? Well, like I stated in my letter to Cheddar Plax, it's next to impossible to win a Super Bowl without a #1 receiver. Let alone repeat for that matter. I won't deny the Giants have been very, VERY impressive this season. They've used everything under the sun to keep them motivated and hungry, especially following that loss to the Clowns in October which I thought was the precursor to their usual post-bye week slump. But at some point, it does run out I think. If Eli can find a way to repeat without his #1 option at receiver, this has to put him ahead of his brother in spite of less than gaudy numbers. Until someone takes it from them, the Giants are your team to beat. Period and unlike most years in which the reigning champ has some kind of letdown or the like, these cats are playing like they really are the team to beat. Which, if the Monday night game in October showed us, short of them not showing up at all or beating themselves will not be easy. (Oh and by the by, I'm not quite ringing the alarm after Sunday's loss to the Eagles. Not at all. On the other hand, the Jets losing to the 69ers has me very, VERY concerned.)

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No Toronto Bills, for now...

This one might only be relevant to my girlfriend and Bills fans. But the man who was in charge of Rogers Communications, Inc, Ted Rogers has been stopped from his attempts to get the team to Canada by a pesky detail... He's dead.

As told by First Time, Last Time.

So, if you're a Bills fan, the team probably isn't going to leave Buffalo right now. But I'm sure now, Ralph Wilson is in a panic to sell the team. Which means, LA or Bust, most likely...