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This is the archive for July 2009

One Good Punch

...and the fight is over. If you're impatient, like I am, skip to 50 seconds in and embrace the magic of the Serious Overhand Right. Wow. And, also, ouch. Whenever that other guy wakes up, he's going to know he got hit.

That said, would you *really* be disappointed by a quick knockout at an MMA card? Or would you be talking about it for days afterward like you were Smokey from Friday? I think I'd be more excited by a seriously impressive KO than I would a boring technical MMA Gracie grope-fest.

Shocking New Video Of Pac-Man's Strip Club Antics

Hahaha! Even better is the full video below, both from The Damn Show:

H/T: Deadspin

As Doctor Nick Would Say...

Hi everybody!

Everybody: Hi Doctor Len!

Uh...okay, that kinda fell flat. Like the Cavs' playoff hopes, but I knew that even if three people on my job who bet money didn't. Anyway, I write this to let all of my Len-a-holics know, I haven't forgotten about ya. I've got a great wrap-up column saved and the whole nine, as for a change, there's actually activity worth writing about. Every playoff team (with one HUGE exception) got incredibly better, one playoff team is probably on its way out for the forseeable future barring an act of God and yeah...we're probably in the last year of the LeBron James Era in Cleveland and guess what? Danny Ferry and Dan Gilbert aren't ENTIRELY to blame for it, or why Cleveland's had to settle for signing Candace Parker's Big Brother (yes, that's how I shall refer to him since he has done jackshit otherwise) this offseason and waiting four months too late to trade for Shaq.

However, as always with me, I feel compelled to give you what ESPN doesn't give you at least not on the regular. I will give you what each move does for each team this coming season and how it will go into the vaunted "Summer of 2010". Fun, right? Of course it is. So keep your peepers locked for this coming...this weekend if I decide to stop procrastinating and get it done. :P

Oh and while I'm at it...a few random blurbs on a few random things.

- I think Favre's coming back July 30th. I believe when he looks at the situation, he will see that Minnesota gives him the best chance to do two things...

A) Get even with Green Bay by beating them twice, possibly thrice this coming year.
B) Win a Super Bowl which would be quietly unprecedented, a QB of Favre's pedigree helping division rivals win Super Bowl Championships. I mean, if he does that, how HUGE would he be in Minnesota? Is all forgiven for the torment he drug the Vikes through during his prime? Does the street outside of the Homerdome get renamed Favre Drive?

Storylines like this don't come along everyday and since Cassel's a few years away from haunting Patriot fans, I like the potential this has.

- I feel bad that McNair's dead. Actually, check that. After reading the plural aspect of that 'mistress' word, I actually didn't feel sorry for him as much as I did. I feel for his boys, who have to grow up without their father because he couldn't keep his dick in his pants. Unto itself though, this serves as a very powerful lesson about staying faithful to the woman you're with.

- The American League wins the All-Star Game and will have homefield for the Fall Classic. Oh and how ironic is this if you're a Dodger fan...the reason the Dodgers will not have homefield...

Is because Chad Billingsley blew the save.

Priceless. Really.

Ciao kids.

Note to self: Never marry a Brazillian stripper

Well, my speculative, reactionary (useless) post from yesterday is pretty much worthless now. As it turns out, the Brazillian criminal that killed Arturo Gatti was, well, his young wife and mother of his small child. Yeah. The details are starting to filter in about Gatti's death, and she's pretty much the only culprit now.

Sigh. Just great. Women, huh? Amirite? First Steve McNair gets killed by one of his mistresses, and now this.

Amanda Rodrigues is apparently the only suspect in Gatti's murder, thanks to her inconsistent story, the fact there was no sign of a break in at the home, the blood on the purse believed to have been used to strangle Gatti, and the fact that the couple have a pretty rocky history together. The two broke up briefly this year, though they were supposedly reconciling despite their history of occasionally violent clashes.

I always kind of wondered how Gatti would adjust to retirement, and I guess now he won't have to.

Arturo Gatti Dead At 37

Arturo "Thunder" Gatti, toughest SOB ever.

He's been out of boxing for two years now. Arturo "Thunder" Gatti, one of the toughest fighters to ever step foot in the squared circle, has been found dead today in a condo in Brazil. Foul play is suspected. Gatti had been on a second honeymoon with his wife and 10-month-old baby.

Brazil is a beautiful country, but it's so fucking dangerous to go there as a tourist if you have any money. There are so many people just looking to kidnap and rob a rich Westerner. I have no doubt this is what cost Arturo Gatti his life. Recife, which is the area where Gatti was staying, is notoriously unsafe if you get out of the tourist areas. Even then, it's still not safe.

Arturo Gatti never backed down from a fight in his life. In the ring, he was the blood and guts warrior who fought until his face was hamburger, then he fought some more. I have no doubt he stood up to the cowards that were trying to rob him, and that's what cost him his life. Official details are forthcoming, but I can't see this brave son of a bitch going out any other way.

Thanks for the memories, Thunder. You left us way too soon.

Requiem for a Titan

As you probably have seen over the news, the sports world lost one of the better men around. Steve LaTreal McNair was many things. To the sports world, he was probably one of the more uniquely talented quarterbacks around. To his fellow football players, he was the coolest customers around. To the city of Nashville, he was our friend. He was the Titans.