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Vick's Going Back to Marlin Briscoe High

Most of the time I hate what Gregg Easterbrook writes on the TMQ. However, what he mentions on the first part of the story, I actually do agree with. I'm sure Ron would too.

The Falcons are actually successful right now with a Wing-T offense. Yes, that's right. A Wing-T. "Back in the high school offensive playbook" Wing-T. Rollouts. Sexy Options. Plays named after the coach's ex-girlfriends. And you want to know something. I'm glad Jim Mora's got the balls to do it.

So, remember teams. He's beating you with the most simplified offense ever. A sight that the other 31 teams don't want is below now...

Yeah, he's Ridin' Dirty...

(Edit from Ron: For those of you who don't know, this is Marlin Briscoe, the man who Briscoe High is named after in the Nike ads..)
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Welcome to the Michael Vick experience. Great QB scrambles, a lot of sacks allowed, poor decision making, bad reads, slow reads, off-target throws made great by the wideouts, lots of interceptions, bad mechanics, and if you're lucky, 175 yards through the air with only 1 INT balanced against 100 yards and a touch on the ground.

Posted by Ron at 10/25/06 07:20:23

Let's not forget risks of injuries from said scrambles.

Posted by Rich at 10/25/06 07:35:58

Vicks a great running back with a strong arm but they've had to simplify things for him. One coach has to walk him to the field. Simple is good until late season when he tanks it.

Posted by The Critic at 10/25/06 07:42:53

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