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Lamar Thomas fired after exceeding FCC dumbassery quota.

Lamar Thomas, better known as the douchebag color commentator in the Miami/FIU brawl video, has finally been fired by Comcast Sports Southeast (CSS), the network that hired him to do their games. This comes a good day and a half after the NCAA suspended 31 players for the brawl, which proves that the only institution slower and crappier than the NCAA is Comcast.

Of course, for those of you with Comcast, that's no surprise.

"Now, that's what I'm talking about," Ron, the head of the website said as the brawl raged out of control and Thomas' dumbassery overtook him. "You come onto my TV acting like that, you should get your behind fired. You don't come onto the TV saying that stuff. You're across the Southeast over there. You're across the nation. You can't come onto network TV talking noise like that. You'll get your butt fired. I was about to go down the interstate to get in that booth."

Ron was later fired for his comments.
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To pass the FCC dumbassery quota on CSS is doing something. If you see half of the CSS programming, you'd see why.

Posted by Rich at 10/17/06 14:07:43

Ya know, there's a difference between dumbassery and stupidity.

What Lamar said was stupidity to a degree that hasn't been defined...till Lamar defined it representing DA U.

Posted by at 10/19/06 16:06:46

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