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Hey, remember how I said Miami didn't have enough thugs?

So remember how I said Miami didn't have enough criminals? This fight is all the evidence that you should need to prove me right. I mean, this is prison-orange The U and Florida International University. In the olden days, they'd be dragging dead FIU players off the field for this shit, but now it's just a gay group-grope.

Miami doesn't even START the fight I mean sure, they're the first guys to use their helmets as weapons, but that's only after FIU hands them their collective ass in the legitimate fight portion of the scrum. Seriously, I think FIU's coach kicked more ass than Miami's players did, without the benefit of the finest animal growth hormone money can buy.

Sorry, Larry. I hate to say it, but you're out at the end of the year. Your players just weren't savage enough.

Edit 12:15AM: 31 total players suspended, 13 from the U and 18 from FIU. Like I said, this is a disgrace for Miami. They can't even get more players suspended than FIU!
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I have never seen such an awesome defensive line from them!

Posted by halo at 10/15/06 14:53:03

Damn, there was more stomping going on at that game than at either a Savion Glover show or a performance of Riverdance. Don't forget the body-slamming, either--maybe the suspended UscuM players can find work at WWE.

Posted by Jade at 10/15/06 17:24:26

Did you hear that shithead talking that shit talking about, "You don't come into our house and do that noise!" This Miami team is a bunch of pussy thugs. They should wear pink and white uniforms. FIU showed more balls in this fight, and that's a shame.

Posted by Rich at 10/16/06 08:55:15

Hahaha, I agree. Great comments, gang. And Rich, that shithead was Lamar Thomas. Of course, he played for the U. Check out his rap sheet:

• Arrested and jailed for aggravated battery for attacking his pregnant fiancee with a deadly weapon.

• Arrested for violating probation.

• Detained for brandishing a handgun and threatening suicide, prompting authorities to check him in to a mental institution.

• Did jail time for again violating probation related to the battery charges, when he was arrested for choking his fiancee. His six-month old son was present at the scene.

Posted by Ron at 10/16/06 15:35:50

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