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The Tennessee Repackaged Crap with a Criminal Soon To Be In Charge

Alright, in the land of the Titans (re: Repackaged Crap Formerly Known as the Oilers.), they started out the preseason with Billy Volek as the starter of the team. He would be the savior of the team. Hell, he's all they fucking have. Vince Young is greener than half of the courses that Tiger Woods plays on. They also lost Steve McNair to Baltimore (aka Titans v. 2, they've got most of the old team, sans Eddie and his whining.).

We go into the season, however, with a quarterback controversy which gives me insight of who really runs the Tennessee Titans.

Titans Front Office

We're in for a long season... Now you may wonder, why the hell am I ranting and raving. Why? Because I live in the Music City, and I'd like to go to work headache free without hearing about how bad the Titans fucked up last week. I've heard it for three years or more. Hell, Ron's heard it plenty living so close to Cleveland and Cincinnati. It sucks.

So, now you ask. Who did the geniuses in Tennessee bring in to "help out." (More like take over after the first game that Volek fucks up, and he will. It's a setup.)

Yeah, this fucktard. The same cigar chomping, police evading, team life sucking Kerry Collins. Whoo, 3-13, here comes Tennessee.
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3-13 would mean that the Titans are going to win 3 games. Which 3 games do you see them winning this year?

Posted by Anselm at 09/05/06 17:42:55

I know they can beat the Jets, Griff. Hell, the Jets practically beat themselves. Houston, read the Jets. They play Houston twice, so there you go.

Posted by Rich at 09/05/06 17:49:13

I'll give them 2 wins, which means:

Beating Jets and Houston once each.

Beating Houston twice.

I don't think they'll beat the Jets AND beat the Texans twice.

I didn't see the game against the Packers, but they put up more points than I'd originally have guessed they would. It was, however, only preseason.

Posted by Anselm at 09/05/06 17:52:50

And one other thing, the Ravens may have a lot of the old Titans team (McNair, Mason, et others), but they don't have the most important piece:

Gregg Williams.

My Redskins got him, and I'm VERY pleased with the outcome.

Posted by Anselm at 09/05/06 17:55:50

We are the Thumbtacks, the mighty mighty Thumbtacks!

Posted by Ron at 09/06/06 01:45:02

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