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Oh thank heaven!

In an ingenious sponsorship move, the Chicago White Sox have announced that they will start all weeknight regular season home games at 7:11 PM for the 2006-07 season. The sponsor for this move from the normal start time of 7:07, obviously, is the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores. Clever, huh?

I think it’s very clever (much better than the projected Spider Man webbing MLB tried in the preseason) and it’s only the beginning of a series of synergistic alliances between 7-Eleven and the White Sox. The two brands have more in common than one might think. Let’s run down future cross branding opportunities, shall we?
Many 7-Eleven stores are staffed by foreigners, just like the White Sox.

Both the White Sox and 7-Eleven sell beer, hot dogs, and junk food.

7-Eleven sells cigarettes. In England, cigarettes are called fags. Ozzie Guillen once called Jay Mariotti a fucking fag.

The signature drink of 7-Eleven is the Slurpee, which is sucked through a straw. The White Sox suck.

The Slurpee also causes brain freeze. Ozzie Guillen has permanent brain freeze.

Many 7-Eleven stores are located in rough neighborhoods, where stores are often robbed. After leaving Comiskey Park, many White Sox fans feel robbed by high ticket and concession prices. Additionally, many White Sox fans actually are robbed when they take a wrong turn into one of the rough neighborhoods that compose Chicago’s North Side.

On July 11, 7-Eleven stores often give away free Slurpees. The White Sox gave away both their division and the wild card. How generous!

As you can see, the possibilities are pretty much endless for co-branding. Once again, the White Sox are ahead of the marketing curve!
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Don't forget that punks hang out around 7-11, and AJ Pierzynski is on the White Sox. Also, 7-11s don't sell reliable condoms which is protection from STDs, and Comiskey Park has no reliable security for protection, either.

Posted by Rich at 10/11/06 18:52:29

Hilarious. All I need to say.

Posted by Luis at 10/12/06 05:42:19

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