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Let's go Plummering

I was reading The Mighty MJD’s Sunday Smorgasbord from Week 4, and I came across this little tidbit that I’m posting up here just for Jaime Sue. She’s been under the weather for a few days, so here’s a quote that I know will cheer her up.

"And Vince Young Plummers a pass for a Cowboys TD. Plummer is a new verb, by the way… it means to throw a pass that was completely unnecessary and has almost no benefit that ends up in the hands of a defender and results in a touchdown for the defense. To be successful, Vince Young must limit his Plummering."
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Plummering. Damn, you gots to love it. It's a term next to Jeff George-ing it. Where you go in and intentionally shoot your team in the foot.

Posted by Rich at 10/10/06 21:24:06

I got one that many of you probably never heard of.
To Bramlett is to kill all hope in the most inoportune times, such as in the red zone late in the game.

(For those of you that don't get the reference, the University of Wyoming was plagued with 2 QB's from the Bramlett family and they were always good for a fumble in the red zone or a td pass to the defense late in the games)

Posted by Spinler at 10/11/06 01:20:35

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