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The NBA Has A Serious Dick Problem

Can we all admit now that the NBA officials are probably crooked? If not all of them, then at least Tim Donaghy and Dick Bavetta? There's a mountain of evidence out there, including Bavetta's own suspension by the NBA, that suggests he's either crooked or the most incompetent ref since Violet Palmer put on a whistle. Here's a little sampling of evidence from the Internet:

Exhibit 1.

(found here)

Exhibit 2.

This list of screwy Dick Bavetta calls compiled by Bill Simmons over six years ago (mentioned here, scroll down to Question: What was the most disturbing subplot of the playoffs?).

Exhibit 3.

The federal government asking more questions about Knick Bavetta than they do about the guy they busted for shaving points, Tim Donaghy.

Listen, I'm not a member of the Tinfoil Hat brigade, but even I knew something was wrong in 2002 when the NBA screwed the Kings. I know there's something still wrong with how officials call the games given the foul disparity that just so happens to affect the outcome of entire playoff series. If there's smoke, there's fire, and for YEARS Dick Bavetta has been a running joke. Maybe it's time to put that joke up for awhile.
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Not to go all Vincent Kennedy McMahon here, but the NBA didn't screw the Sacramento Kings in 2002. The Sacramento Kings SCREWED the Sacramento Kings.

What's kinda funny is that, if proven right, this will kill a sport faster than all the roids BALCO can manufacture will kill baseball. For Stern's sake, he had best hope Donaghy's just talking out of his ass, because if not...damn.

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