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Your NBA Champion IS...

I know I don't post here often, because well most stories aren't worth posting about. This one is my friends.

Because of someone that was recently acquired by an NBA team, I can tell you who the champion for this year is going to be.


The Lo-

Wait, fuck them


Why would I make this prediction you ask? Who could be so prestigious that I would actually come downstairs with a fucked up foot just to post this after watching the end of PTI?


Ron's favorite player...EARL MOFUCKIN BOYKINS!
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W00t! Chris lives! YAY! :)

Posted by Jade at 02/02/08 02:29:27

More importantly than Gimpy's bad foot (are you wearing a Brady Boot, Chris?) is the fact that we've got Earl Boykins-related news.

Posted by Ron at 02/02/08 06:06:38

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