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The End Is...Here. (SB Breakdown)

For one team on Sunday, history’s going to be made.

For the Patriots, it becomes Apocalypse Now if they win. How you figure? Well, consider these facts…

A) Randy Moss and Brady have all but said they’ll be retiring together. If Randy hasn’t convinced you that he’s back and greater than ever, take a look at the MVP trophy that’s resting on Tom Brady’s shelf and think again. (Oh and statistically speaking, which is yet another testament to how great Randy is, there have been two offenses that have scored off the charts like this. The 1998 Vikes that SHOULD HAVE been Super in his rookie year and this year’s Pats. Common denominator in both…Moss.)

B) While they will be without the 32nd pick in April’s draft, I hear tell there’s going to be some choice meat available at 7.

C) They’ll still have Belichick on that sideline who has proven that coordinators may come and go, but as long as he stays, they’ll win.

D) Barring a major overhaul which won’t happen, do you see another team in the AFC that will be able to stop them next season? Seriously.

Oh yeah, forgot one other thing. After all that’s happened this year, Spygate and the Pats basically spitting in the face of sportsmanship during the first half of the year, you really think Iron Hand Goodell wants to hand the Lombardi Trophy to Belichick, Kraft and company? He wants that as much as he wants to answer for why he destroyed the tapes and documents he confiscated in D.C. in the near future.

Make no mistake about this, there’s no need for me to do a statistical breakdown because this isn’t close. It’s not. The hard truth of the matter is this might be as perfect a team as we may see. Period. Nothing shy of a perfect Villanova/Georgetown 1985 type game is going to pry trophy number four away from Brady and Belichick who will eclipse Noll and Bradshaw as the greatest coach/QB duo in the history of the game before the end of this decade. (And Jade, trust me, a herd of black cats could cross in front of Brady and I still don’t see them losing this game Sunday.)

I sit here in a rather unfamiliar position as a sports fan. Only once, 1996 against the Unstoppa-Bulls of the 72-10 ilk have I watched a game KNOWING my team was done before the game started. Beyond that, if this were any other circumstance, I’d make a damn great argument for why the Giants could shock the world on Sunday. I’d sit here smiling as I type how Eli will shred the Hoodie’s defense and do something his brother had to wait four tries to finally get done. I could tell you how the Giants will run over the slow witted linebackers in what the tortoise/hare race should’ve given us. But I can’t.

Because the truth is, sans Eli’s lone pick, Week 17 was about as perfect a game as the Giants have played. Even though Jim Fassel said there’s no such thing as a moral victory, that “moral victory” is why the Giants are playing and not watching Sunday’s game. Still, unbeknownst to every ‘expert’ imaginable, this isn’t the first time the Giants have faced an offense with the capability of turning out the lights offensively. And albeit an unpopular thing to think or even say, the Pats aren’t beyond defeat. The way you stop an unstoppable offense is simple. Make sure they don’t touch the field. Fact is, the Pats’ front seven isn’t exactly equipped with all-World speed. Junior Seau’s closer to All-AARP than All-Pro, ditto for Vrabel and Bruschi. The Giants have a rushing attack that is far more established than it was five weeks ago. Bradshaw and Jacobs can and for all intents and purposes are the only hope the Giants have of not being the 19th brick on the Pats’ road to immortality. Limit the amount of times Brady touches the ball, keep the number of turnovers to a minimum and the Giants win.

Just like they did in Super Bowl XXV against Buffalo and their vaunted K-Gun attack. Still, I’m worried that Plax’s guarantee will inevitably do more harm than good for the Giants. Anthony Smith thought he could run off at the mouth and he was targeted on two deep bombs by Brady. Igor thought the Pats were more worried than the Bolts were and he was dead wrong. You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think the Pats won’t unload on Plax the first chance they get. Come to think of it, Plax isn’t exactly the perfect picture of health either right now. As Diego said to Sid in Ice Age as far as this guarantee goes…

“You’re a little low on the food chain to be mouthin’ off.”

In the end, Giants lose. Bow before the NFL’s new “Evil Empire”.
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"(And Jade, trust me, a herd of black cats could cross in front of Brady and I still don’t see them losing this game Sunday.)"

Len, that is the kind of attitude that just begs for karma to rise up and take a bite out of someone's ass. NOTHING is ever a given when it comes to sports, EVER. If it was, we'd be looking at a Pats-Packers SB now, wouldn't we?

Now hush your mouth or be prepared for headlights bearing down on you in your future. :p

Posted by Jade at 02/02/08 02:28:31

Keep an eye out for those headlights, Len. They'll have a Yankees emblem with them.

You've officially passed Chunky Soup, Sports Illustrated covers, and any Madden game as the biggest curse in the sports world. You suck. :p

Posted by Jade at 02/03/08 22:18:30

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