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Upset Saturday?!!

For those of you who paid attention to sports, and are possibly near Len, keep the sharp objects away from him or any Rutgers fan. I'm about to tell something shocking to all of New Jersey. They lost. As in not undefeated anymore. They lost to the upset kids of Maryland. Which isn't a surprise to any who know Maryland's history. And it gets better...

The defending SEC and National Champions, the invincible Florida, got destroyed by the kicker from Auburn. How bad is it for them. It's the first loss at home ever under Urban Meyer. Oh, and Texas lost. (Fuck all of you, at least it wasn't to Colorado.) However, the Oklahomos did too (To the classy fucktards of Colorado). As did Clemson to the vexing team of Georgia Tech (Just ask ND). Penn State (again, to Illnois of all teams...). Alabama lost to Florida State. Oh, and if you watched on Thursday, you saw West Virginia get owned by the newest emerging powerhouse named South Florida.

Hear that sound and that girlish scream... That's Lee Corso's anuerysm setting in, or Herbstreit doing the decent thing and putting Corso out of his misery. So, what did go right?

If you're South Florida, Kansas, USC, Ohio State, LSU, Mizzou, Wisconsin, California, Hawaii, Arizona State, Cincinnati or Kentucky... You're still undefeated. Oh, and Illnois and Kansas State only have one loss...

To address Ohio State and USC, you haven't proven shit. You played pussy teams. And that's just your own conferences. The out of conference teams aren't much better. Until you man up and play the teams that are undefeated with you, I'm still calling your status bullshit. However, UCal and LSU have actually convinced us how scary they are. And if Kentucky ends up as the SEC champion, the college apocalypse is complete. And you playoff system folks will get your system, too. After all of the teams they don't want to win winning...

So, look back on this if you want to make an arguement for playoff systems. And keep one thing still in mind. At least we all can do one thing together... Laugh at how shitty Notre Dame still is after five games, and we can laugh at Jimmy Clausen getting punked an entire season.
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Between the Rutgers loss and the Mets' complete chokefest, I would assume Len's head has asploded by now.

Posted by Jade at 09/30/07 18:00:22

Nah, the Giants completely slaughtered Chunky Soup, so I think he'll be okay for this week.

Posted by Ron at 10/01/07 02:19:32

Ya know...not even Uncle Osi's total 'bend over and say my name bitch' domination of Donovan could supplant the flat out aggrevation and disgust I felt this weekend.

Oh yeah, FSU beating Nick Brown's Tide wasn't bad either.

- Jets lose to the Bills.
- Rutgers blows yet ANOTHER Top 10 ranking *and possible jump up the rankings* losing at home to Maryland.
- Mets choke. Fire Willie.

For the record, I still think it'll be LSU and USC for the national championship. And people seriously, I would lose all thought of a playoff system in college football now or even in the distant future. Schools like your Akrons, North Texases and the like would stand too much to lose if the field were weeded down to the best 16 for a playoff system.

On top of that, the big schools stand a lot to lose moneywise without those bowls and what not giving them cash and shit. Remember, money talks, playoff systems run the marathon.

Posted by Len at 10/01/07 11:51:06

Rich, as much as I like your football opinions, there's an e-fed waiting for you with your name on it!

Posted by Dave-sheezy at 10/04/07 18:45:32

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