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Not Again...Not Now.

From a sports standpoint, this has been a grueling year to date.

- The Giants were knocked out of the playoffs by the Eagles, leading to the subsequent retirement of Tiki Barber...the single most bitchified RB I've ever seen. Pussy.
- I guess I can tolerate the Pats knocking out the Jets. For some odd reason, I don't have the hate for Brady and Belichick that I have for McNabb and Reid or even any other NFC East team. Stockholm Syndrome
is a possibility...but I dunno.
- The Rutgers women were taken down by the Lady Vols, who I absolutely abhor from a women's basketball standpoint.
- The Mets were taken down by the Cards in a seven game series they absolutely should've won. (I'll come back to this momentarily.)
- The Nets were taken out in 6 by the Cavaliers. (Hence the start of the Fire Frank Foundation.)
- The feel great story of the decade known as the Scarlet Knights' rise to Top 10 status was short circuited by the damn Bearcats who decided they
just had to step up instead of laying down like the did for most of the year.

Now...the Mets are only two losses and three Phillies' wins away from the
most epic collapse in the modern era of baseball. I've been fairly quiet on the Mets for the year because I haven't felt the need to gloat. I didn't forsee this coming (nobody short of Cresskin could've) and simply put, I was going to save the gloating for next month when it counted. But the year went along and everything's going great. Hell, even my Fantasy Baseball team was catching the vibe, going in as a sixth seed and taking out two of the top 3 seeds before like these Mets...sinking fast. (Sorry Chris, bared mentioning. :P) Still, I've spent the better part of the past two weeks cringing as if I were being force fed mayo and peanut butter sammiches. The Mets led for most of the year and haven't given me any reason to why now? Well, it's simple really...

- The bats are termite ridden, or they may as well be. Nobody's hitting.
- The rotation that overachieved without Pedro has suddenly faded into nothing. And with that...
- The bullpen. I may as well call this group the Pigpen, because slop's all over the place and bound to be when these guys get into a game. I mean
it's all of them, from Schoenweis to even Billy Wagner.

All in all, it's basically the Mets' to lose. All they have to do is hope the Phils stumble just twice while winning the same and it's a done deal. At this point, I don't care if they have to travel for Game 1 of the NLCS. Just get there. And for those of you who are thinking what most of the world is, that the Mets are easy pickings come postseason time, consider
this. They got by on most of the year without Pedro heading up this rotation and simply put, he has come back better than expected (would have more wins if not for the Pigpen). In a short series, I like them a lot
especially if the bats get hot again. Think back to a year ago. The Cards damn near let the 'Stros win their division before they parlayed a near epic collapse into a World Series Championship. The last time the Mets won a championship, I was 6 years old and barely knew what baseball was. I'd like to be able to celebrate one as a fully grown adult, since they're probably the best chance any of my teams have at winning one at this stage of the game.

Let's go Mets.
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