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It's SKIPB Award time again!

Yes, we've got another winner of the "Suck It Up, Bitch!" award, folks--and I'm sure you can pretty much guess who gets it this time.

For being ever so gracious in the face of defeat at the U.S.Open, the SKIPB award goes to...

...Serena Williams, who not only decided midway through her match with Justine Henin that she was going to lose, so why bother making much effort, but then pulled a flat-out sulk-fit at the press conference, declaring that Henin did not so much win the game as she (Serena) lost it, and that "I think she made a lot of lucky shots, and I made a lot of errors."

Yeah, like showing up at the press conference, you crybaby. Maybe you should have just paid the damn fine instead of letting the world know what a whiny-ass sore loser you are. Then again, maybe if you had decided to actually show up at the match, you wouldn't have had a problem with making an appearance at the press conference. If, as you say, no one can beat you when you're playing your best game, then why not try PLAYING YOUR BEST GAME?

If you can't stand the heat, get your ass off the court and go back to designing tacky-looking outfits. Leave the tennis to the people who want to play.

Got a SKIPB Award nominee? Email me at [email protected], subject line: SKIPB Award.
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I love how the SKIPB award also coincides with Skip Bayless. LOL

Posted by Jaime Sue at 09/06/07 05:01:51

Credit for that goes to Rich, actually. He had suggested giving the award to Skip, but I said if we did that, he'd get it practically every week, so we decided to "honor" him this way instead. :)

I'm still trying to find a good picture of Skip to make into an SKIPB award pic, but so far, no luck.

Posted by Jade at 09/06/07 13:04:52

If you want to find a good picture of Skip, just Google "douchebag"

Posted by Ron at 09/06/07 16:17:01

I also thought this was the Skip Bayless award.

Posted by Chris at 09/07/07 13:19:09

Think of Skip as the perfect SKIPB candidate instead. :D

Posted by Jade at 09/07/07 21:54:25

Oh, and Ron--just for hahas, I tried Googling "douchebag", got a Justin Timberlake reference, but no Skip.

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