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LeBron loves grass.

I have one problem with this LeBron James commercial for the Cub Cadet riding mower. Watch it to the end and see if you pick up on the one real issue I've had since the first time I watched the commercial. I'll wait.

The other guy, who LeBron blocks at the end of the ad? HE'S TALLER THAN LEBRON! BY SEVERAL INCHES! Could they not find someone shorter than King James for this commercial?
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Well, I dunno if it's by several inches, but I did notice that he's definitely taller than LeBron. They appear to have him hunching over a bit in an attempt to hide it, too, which is even funnier.

Posted by Jade at 05/25/07 00:08:43

Yeah, he's hunching over quite a bit in the last shot, which makes me think (especially because he's obviously taller) he's got a good 3" on LBJ.

Posted by Ron at 05/25/07 10:59:15

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