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An official SB get well card for David Pollack and Jevon Kearse.

We're going to give a nice Big Man award to David Pollack from the Cincinattica Bengals. As most people know by know about David, shit really did happen. His wife released the following statement about him. She stated that the C6 (Cerivical Section Number 6) vertebrae was the culprit. Anyone who wants to know the seriousness of this break, the wiki on Cervical vertebrae tells where the Cervical section covers. This is the vertebrae from the skull to the top of your ribs. Hopefully, he'll come back by next season, but it's a wait and see. He risks the nerve damage, paralysis, and loss of limb movement should he reinjure his neck. As of now, he's mobile and active, but understandably sore.

Also, a get well to Jevon Kearse. The Philadelphia Freak is effectively done for the season, also. Kearse tore at least three major ligaments. His knee is effectively finished, as is he for the season. The same knee that helped push him out of Tennessee is now hurting him in Philly.

Surgery is likely, and it's a shame. Kearse started as a breakout big man in Tennessee, until injuries took away his effectiveness. He went to Philly because of the fact that Tennessee wasn't willing to give a sizable contract due to the risks. Now, it seems Philly is seeing just why the Titans let him go. Hopefully surgery will bring him back to form like it did David Pollack's teammate, Carson Palmer. However, Palmer's a young guy and Kearse is not as young, in addition to a history of knee problems.

Freak, you might want to consider retirement, bro. I know you can find a broadcasting job. Just look at John Madden, and you know they'll hire anyone...
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Let's hope once he gets in the booth Jevon doesn't "Bam" too hard and blow out his knee again. Tinactin can't cure that.

Posted by Ron at 09/19/06 12:35:57

Neither can turducken.

Posted by Ron at 09/19/06 12:37:03

Hey, Turducken cures all. Unless you're around fat girls...

Posted by Rich at 09/19/06 13:02:32

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