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Time for another inevitable Rich/Amy bet.

That's right, folks. The inevitable happened yesterday. One, I finally got my completed bet picture from Amy. Two, the ORANGE HULK! got the Vols to the Sweet Sixteen by beating a faster Virginia team. What does this mean? Ohio State vs. Tennessee, for the right to go to the Elite Eight. Where does this leave us?

Another bet. That's right, another bet.

Of course, Amy is now 0 for 1 in bets on her beloved Ohio State University. So, to tell you what happens when you bet against me...

Amy, with her unrepentant razz to Rich, looking cute for the camera.

So, I leave for you kids, a poll for a bet...

1) Fight song?
2) Another shirt humilation?
3) I got PWN3D sign?

Choose wisely, at least for Amy's sake...

Edit: Shirt and PWN3D sign is the bet. Pwnage sign will be provided by Alex. The terms, I lose, I wear the OSU shirt and get pwn3d by Alex. She loses, she's getting a nice ORANGE HULK! shirt and her dear fiancee gets to pwn her.
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Well, the shirt has been done before, and the fight song would just be punishing everyone who had to listen, so... smells like someone's gonna wear a pwnage sign or a dunce cap.

Posted by Ron at 03/19/07 10:10:12

I second the pwnage sign, or perhaps a "PWN3D by Rich (or Amy, whichever the case may be, although I'm rooting for the Vols myself)" T-shirt could be made for the occasion. Perhaps a pwnage video for posting here at SB might also be a suitable penalty for the loser?

Posted by Jade at 03/19/07 19:05:01

Hey, the only way that a fight song rendition is going to be painful is if Rich loses. I happen to be a music teacher, and not only do I already know "Rocky Top" (I've owned the UTenn Marching Band CD since High School), but I could probably accompany myself during the singing (and why not, since I do it in class every day)!! So, when the Vols lose (which they'd better, or else my bracket is screwed), I will bear the brunt of the agony and just inform the masses that the bet has been fulfilled.

I'm all for making the SOB sing!

Posted by at 03/20/07 00:27:02

I like the shirt. Hearing someone sing
might make me rabid like Savage. :P [I am watching Sting/Hollywood Hogan from Superbrawl 1998, one of a long line of horribly booked endings that doomed WCW.]

Posted by Len at 03/20/07 18:36:53

85-84, OSU wins :-)

Revenge is oh so sweet. :-D

Posted by at 03/23/07 07:06:06

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