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I am not a Swiss Cake Roll model

You know, whenever someone disparages baseball, one of the first things they trot out is the old chestnut that most baseball players aren’t athletes. They don’t have to run as much as basketball players, they don’t have to be as strong as football players, and they don’t have to be as flexible as gymnasts. Compare the physique of a baseball player to a hockey player, for example. The baseball player has more teeth and more padding.

Baseball is not a youth driven game; routinely, players are kept in the minors until their middle or late 20’s before getting a call up to the big leagues. Position players play well into their late 30’s, and pitchers pitching well into middle age are common. Baseball, defenders claim, is an amalgamation of physical muscle memory training and experience. Remember, Michael Jordan couldn’t hit a curveball to save his life.

Of course, for every Roger Clemens, Derek Jeter, or chemically altered Barry Bonds, there’s a John Kruk, crippled and limping Barry Bonds, or a David Wells. And hey, speaking of David Wells, guess which one of the above athletes (tip: he pitched a no hitter while drunk) has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?

That’s right, David Wells joins a growing portion of our fat and lazy country by coming down with diabetes. While some people, like Adam Morrison, are born diabetic, 95% of Americans earn it the hard way: by working at it!

Obesity, lack of exercise, and sedentary lifestyle are generally the first thing I think of when I think of diabetes. Obesity is the first thing I think of when I think about David Wells, followed closely by played a game in Babe Ruth’s hat, Miller Genuine Draft, fried Twinkies, and left-handed. What a magnificent physical specimen!

In all seriousness, diabetes is a health problem of epic proportions in this country and a serious problem. My father is diabetic. Odds are, by the time we hit our middle and late 40's, most of the staff at this website will have diabetes, too. We're all either too fat, too drunk, or too non-white to make it out of our middle ages without most of us catching on unless something changes for the better.

I remember how bad it was for my dad when he had to change his eating habits. No more regular sodas practically killed him, and I imagine no more beer will practically kill David Wells. At least when my dad went through his lifestyle change, he didn’t do it alone. I came along for the ride and lost a good 125 pounds in the process. Not that I was in it to lose weight, at least not at the beginning. Once you start cutting out real beer and desserts and throwing in some leafy greens every once in awhile, you'd be surprised at how quickly the pounds start to shed.

If David Wells getting the sugars is enough to raise awareness and get more money poured into finding a cure for diabetes of all kinds, so much the better for him. Good luck, big fella. It’s a tough row to hoe, but if anybody can do it, I’m sure you can. Remember, lite beer in moderation!
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Hey now, some of us are already mid-40s, fat and diabetic--and dammit, I'm not giving up my #1 spot for any of youse. ;)

Boomer won't necessarily have to give up beer; it'll depend on how his diabetes is being treated. The only thing that keeps me from being able to enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage is my medication. Otherwise, I'd be able to drink in moderation.

Of course, "moderation" has never exactly been in Boomer's vocabulary, but it'll be interesting to see where this will take him and his ERA.

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