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The one national championship game that I'm not watching.

Well, folks. As you saw this weekend...

The Pac-10 referees beat Notre Dame this weekend. And Ohio State is still undefeated.

Arkansas, WVU, and various others blew it. Rutgers and Florida are still alive. So is Michigan.

If USC and OSU happens, expect two things.

1. A really shitty game

2. The earth opening up and Satan skewering the two best teams that money bought in college football.

In other words, I'm spending that week probably dead asleep waiting for the real playoffs to come around. Heard of that, NCAA? I'm sure that faggot, Miles Brand, is afraid of the word. I'm going to watch a playoff system that does work, and I'm going to laugh. Even though it's the No Fun League, they still do shit right.

My two cents.
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Don't expect a playoff game to come to Div. 1-A football any time in the near future, babe. This is from the NCAA program I got at the UMass vs. Lafayette(Div. 1-AA) Round 1 playoff game:

"2006: The Division 1-A and 1-AA football subdivisions are renamed the 'Football Bowl Subdivision' and the 'NCAA Football Championship Subdivision'. The 1-AA championship game is renamed the 'NCAA Division 1 Football Championship'. "

If they've gone and made that kind of a name change, I would assume they're not planning to change the current status quo anytime soon,

Posted by Jade at 11/27/06 00:44:22

Notre Dame just got beaten by a better team that spent more money on buying its players, that's all.

Oh, sorry, John David Booty's dad spent the money on renting the USC running backs a house.

Posted by Ron at 11/27/06 01:09:37

Yeah. Notre Dame wouldn't make it through a playoff. They would get knocked by Inidian or Maureen's Cosmetology Academy. Much better for them to keep the bowls....

Posted by Critic at 11/27/06 09:53:01

I wouldn't doubt they'd lose to Maureen's Cosmetology Academy. Have you seen the size of those bitches? Even USC won't put them as a creampuff game. Yeesh.

Posted by Rich at 11/27/06 13:54:47

The refs were Big Ten refs, not a PAC 10 crew. The visiting team assigns the refs, any true college football fan would know that (!!!)
And, since Notre Shame has no conference, they turn to the Big Ten officials (Funny, they ARE part of the Big Least for basketball, but they wouldn't take Big Least officials with them. wonder why ....)
And, the officiating had LITTLE to do with the 21-3 hole ND found itself in within about the first 5 minutes of the game! LOL! I've seldom roared and cheered like that -- no, wait, I was doing that when Ohio State was going up 21-7 on Michigan! That's right!
Pardon ...
And now, if WVU beats Rutgers Saturday, two of the three teams from that ridiculously over-trivialized "Big Least undefeated trio in November" will have not one but TWO losses.
Funny, the Big Ten's season is over, and it has THREE teams that have 1 or fewer losses (OSU 12-0, UM 11-1, Wisconsin 11-1) ... and you don't hear people making a big deal about that -- becuase it HAPPENS in the Big Ten. They are USED to it. But they (sports "talking heads") were spewing that "Big Least starts November with three undefeated team" crap every 15 minutes. How ridiculous. The Big Least Conference is, has been, and will always BE a fuckin' joke.
Yeh, live off the WVU bowl upset of Georgia for a freakin' lifetime. That's the extent of that conference. And when Brohm, White and Slaton leave -- it's back to competing with the MAC for Thursday night airtime.

Posted by at 11/29/06 16:34:40

"The Pac-10 is the only BCS conference with a written rule stating that only its officials can work home games involving league teams."

Do your research, Jeff.

Posted by Ron at 11/29/06 17:39:12

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