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Something new for you to think about.

Here's something that the NFL could do with their teams that need to man up, as demonstrated by the celebrated New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Squad.

Hell, I think a lot more of you would watch if the Raiders did this complete with taunts after the haka.
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Dude, this is the NFL. You can't do anything fun. No celebrations, no painting your face with eyeblack to look more intimdating, and coming soon, no spiked shoulder pads (AKA the Animal Jr. Rule)

Posted by Ron at 11/22/06 09:54:00

Funny, I've seen something similar performed by some of the high school football teams here. First thing I said was, "Damn, if they would do that at the high school dances, girls would never have to dance in groups."

Posted by Jade at 11/23/06 00:45:31

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