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Thanksgiving Wishes from Ron to YOU! Yes, you!

Greetings, boys and girls.

On this, the most food-filled of all American holidays, we all have a lot to be thankful for. At least, I know I have a lot to genuinely be thankful for, so let me give it a shot. Maybe I can express this without sounding like a douchebag.

First and foremost, I'm thankful to everybody who reads this site, and who has read this website from the beginning. Without you, it'd just be me musing about sports in instant messages to Rich and Chris, and while they love me and how entertaining I constantly am, I'm sure they also like a break from me now and then. So thanks for reading SB, and tell your friends about us if you like what we're trying to do here. Tell two friends if you don't like us.

I'm thankful for the staff of great writers and funny motherfuckers we have here. Rich the workhorse, Jaime the sex appeal, Len the East Coast Bias, The Icon Chris Smith (AKA T.O.'s biggest fan), The Icemann (such a gay nickname) Luis, No Gimmicks Needed JK, Spinler, and anyone I've forgotten. You're all great, and you all need to write a whole lot more.

I'm thankful for our regular cast of commentators, especially those of you that hate me. Jade, The Critic, Halo, Guzzy, and anybody else who has ever dropped a little e-note on one of our posts.

Special thanks go out to all our affiliates and friends of the movement we're trying to do here, from Attu and Kissing Suzy Kolber to God Hates Cleveland Sports and Where Have You Gone, Marge Schott? You all kick ass, and I try to read you all every day. Well, except for Marge Schott, who haven't updated since late September. Still, great name.

Also, thanks to the NFL for a third football game on Thanksgiving! That'll give me the excuse I need to stay awake after 7 PM.

Now that I've spread a little love to you guys in the spirit of the season, I'm going to go pass out from an acute overdose of turkey and stuffing. Catch you guys in another 12 hours for another day full of football!

EDIT: A big FUCK YOU to Insight Cable for choosing not to carry the fucking Thursday night games on the NFL Network. Choke on my cock and die, you filty whores.
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And a Happy Turkey Football Day to you too, babe--and to all the SB staff and readers.

Your cable network sucks indeed--DirectTV not only gives us NFL Network, but we even got to see the game in kickass HD. The only thing that would have made T-Day perfect for me, though, would have been for the Bucs to have handed Parcells and TO a beatdown on their home turf, but alas, it just wasn't meant to be.

Posted by Jade at 11/24/06 01:09:50

I agree, but I like Terry Glenn, and I like Tony Homo, so that made up for the disgusting success for TO and Tuna.

Posted by Ron at 11/24/06 01:16:32

None of that beating Dallas shit, love. I'm fucking happy that Dallas won, and Joey got to give an up yours to that classless fuckhead the Lions put in as a GM.

But I am thankful to the SB staff and commentating crew. I'm thankful that the other writers actually see some of my over educated humor, like the guys at Joey Porter's Pit Bulls.

I also give thanks for each day that I have family and friends. May we meet again for another T-giving day.

Posted by Rich at 11/24/06 09:48:22

Happy belated Thanksgiving. You guys kick ass and take names and I love that shit. Have a festive and DRUNK week-end!

Posted by The Critic at 11/24/06 10:40:00

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