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The What, The Who Cares And The Why?

Don't look now, but there's a Knight looming on the BCS horizon looking to crash things. That's right, Rutgers, perennial laughingstock of college football back east not named Temple are undefeated and #12 in the Beyond Complicated Standings which will determine who gets to spend the 8th of January playing for the National Title. Who saw this coming?

I mean, seriously, who? I sure as hell didn't and I'm as Jersey as they come. But alas, a week from Thursday night, they'll be squaring off with Louisville who COULD be in the Top 5 if it can hold off #3 WVU this Thursday will face the Scarlet Knights next Thursday night for what might be for the Big East Title and a BCS bid. Ray Rice is garnering national attention at tailback, Brian Leonard's a serious force at fullback and the D is one of the best if not THE BEST in the conference. Don't laugh, but Rutgers COULD run the table if folks continue to overlook them. As for the 'Who Cares' part of my rant, why that's quite simply talking...

Baseball. The World Series has mercifully ended and probably not a second too soon for the shellshocked Tigers which gets to go down in history as the most overrated AL Champion in history to lose to arguably, the worst World Series winner EVER. I mean, the Cards went from being 48 hours away from the single biggest collapse in the modern era to running the table and running over the supposedly unstoppable Tigers in 5 straight? Well, give Detroit credit, they fooled me too. They had me really believing they were better than they were and I guess when you've got pitchers who can't make routine throws to the infielders without them ending up in foul territory or near the guy who gets paid to get those foul rollers down the line, even the sorriest of teams can look like juggernauts too.

I don't pay much attention to "ratings" when it comes to sporting events, especially championships, but this was boring. I think a National Spelling Bee Final would've been more compelling to watch than this World Series which was for all intents and purposes, a done deal after Game 3. Having close to two weeks off did more harm than good for the Tigers, which looked like they hadn't played a game in their entire lives after Game 2. Oh and for the love of all that's right and great, let's put to rest the whole talk of 'baseball needs a salary cap, it's too easy for the Yanks, Sawks and other big market teams to stockpile players'.

Since 2000, there's been SEVEN DIFFERENT World Series Champions. SEVEN. You've gotta go back to the latter half of the 90s to find a team that actually repeated as World Series Champs and believe me when I tell you, that trend will continue next season. STL won't be back. I think Detroit will, provided they stay as hungry as they were up until the Series got started when they were obviously full off of all the hype they were fed prematurely.

Now, for the 'Why' portion of this rant and it's regarding the NBA. Why is is that most publications have the Cavaliers finishing ahead of the Nets in the East this year? Why are there people stating that the Cavs could...dare I say, WIN the East?

I'm sorry, did something remarkable change from a year ago that I missed? Have the Cavaliers improved from being LeBron & The No Names to LeBron & [Insert Sidekick's Name here]? Nah. Have they figured out how to rebound, since they forgot how to do that in Game 6 against the Pistons, hence why they were punched out in Detroit in Game 7. Doubtful. Has LBJ figured out how to take over games the way D-Wade displayed with near Jordanesque precision and callous against the Mavs [aka the Indy Colts of the Association, as in they're great for the 1st 82 games but are great for that one good self-Heimlich moment when the playoffs start] this past summer? I doubt it. Are they any better than Lethal Weapon 3 residing in the Swamps of New Jersey? HELL NO. Never mind the fact that the Nets have wrapped up the division before tip-off tomorrow night in Miami. Never mind the fact that the Nets are probably the only realistic threat to really derail the Heat in the East since...

A) The Bulls will not be able to run with Miami, even with Big Ben manning the middle.

They can play 5 on 5 defensively with the best of em', but unless Wallace can actually put the ball in the hole and not build townhouses at the charity stripe, they are severely hit on the offensive end with under two minutes left. Next.

B) The Pistons are all but finished to an extent. Losing Wallace will be a really tough loss for them to swallow and unless the remaining four can pick it up on the defensive end and Nazr can bring what he left in NY before he was sent to SA about two seasons ago...this won't be the same team that ran through the East until a year ago when Miami burned them...literally.

C) The Cavs aren't ready for primetime. Case in point, Round 2 against the Pistons a year ago. The Pistons were primed for a fall and hell, they were probably a minute away from falling had it not been for Cleveland's inability to procure a SINGLE REBOUND or LOOSE BALL. So wait a second. Ya mean to tell me that for all that "King James" is supposed to be able to do, he can't secure ONE DAMN LOOSE BALL TO ENABLE HIS TEAM TO ADVANCE TO THE CONFERENCE FINALS? He can't take over a critical game in the final quarter to grab the opposition by the jugular and squeeze until their eyes roll into the back of their head? No? Hmm. But what about Larry Hughes, the Pippen who is supposed to be what LeBron Jordan needs to get that brass ring? Spent half the year injured and was largely ineffective since there's no secondary option after LBJ for Hughes to get off after [See Hughes in Golden State and Washington]? I see.

So again I ask, why? Why are these Cavs who are far and wide still the same damn team from a year ago, being picked ahead of the Nets in the East? One isn't greater than three the last time I checked, moreso 3 the likes of Jefferson, Carter and Kidd. The Cavs MIGHT sneak away with the Central, but they're not going to beat either Miami or New Jersey in a seven game series. No matter how badly the NBA and all of its LBJ asskissers want it to happen. And that's the word.
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Actually, Louisville is #5 right now. Whoever wins the Big East will be going to the national championship game, assuming they're still undefeated, no matter what that shitbag Lee Corso has to say about it.

Posted by Ron at 10/30/06 20:30:54

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