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The Curtain Has Fallen...The Curtain Has Fallen!!!

Okay, I know what the average Steelers fan is probably saying provided they're not drinking Draino [literally] or seeing that white light rushing to greet them as they plummet to their premature deaths following last night's debacle in Croakland where the term 'Black Hole' took on a whole new meaning entirely.

It swallowed the Steelers' season whole. I mean, how can they explain this to me so I can understand? I mean, I said back in February following their victory over the 'Hawks they were the luckiest SB Champ I've ever seen and damned if they haven't spent the first seven games of this regular season proving it to me. I mean, I could've written about anything else about Week 8 in the NFL, but I couldn't pass this up. I mean, even the BROWNS figured out a way to NOT LOSE in Oakland even after falling behind by what? 18 in the second half? How come Blitzburgh couldn't and they're supposedly better than Cleveland? I mean, the defense held the Oakland O to 98 yards of offense. That's a 9 in the tens place and an 8 in the ones column. 98 yards in Madden means someone's grabbing their ankles and assuming the position. For the average team, 98 yards of offense means you're on the receiving end of a really not nice ass kickin'.

Yet, even as the D did its job exceptionally well, that offense for the Steelers was simply atrocious. No, check that and allow me to be really literal with this next one. Big Ben clocked the Steelers out of Croakland with FOUR, count em', FOUR PICKS in which two of them were taken back to the house for six. I mean, damn. Charlie Frye managed to avoid throwing four picks against these bums. Why couldn't a Super Bowl winning QB named after a clock do the same? I mean, this isn't the old school, Silver and Black D we're talking about here.

I don't think anyone will mistake Nnamdi Asomugha for Jack Tatum or Art Shell for John Madden, but DAMN BEN. These are the RAIDERS. Commitment to Mediocrity and ya managed to make this defense look better than Leinart and the Cards did a week ago. up for the Steelers are the Broncs who are liable to be stewing over yet another lunchtime beatdown at the hands of Peyton and the Colts [the only team in the AFC these boys legitimately own outright, they may as well rename the Broncs the Indy Practice Squad West cause of how often they're able to have their way with Shanahan and company] whose defense IS that damn good as long as they're not being paired off against the Colts' O.

The loss yesterday combined with the Browns win means the Steelers are tied for DEAD LAST in the division. I repeat, the Super Bowl Champs [for at least another two months since they figure to be watching with the Browns after late December] are in dead last with the BROWNS. Never has the term 'Terrible Towel' taken on such an appropriate meaning, so go ahead black and gold fanatics.

Don't wave those 'Terrible Towels' anymore, just throw em' in like your boys did yesterday. Season's over. They won't catch B-More or Cincy, who are gonna be playoff bound and the rest of the AFC is way too tough this season for them to pull off what they did a year ago in case any Steeler fan wanted to play that card. It's over and thankfully not a minute too soon. Just hope this time when they're off, Ben keeps his ass off any bike that goes 'vroom'.
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