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Just like on "Fear Factor"

Dallas Cowboys ‘passing game coordinator’ (or wide receivers coach for us non PC types) Todd Haley discovered a very unpleasant guest in his home that snuck into his crib in a very unpleasant way.

No, this isn’t the setup for a “T.O.’s dating his daughter!” joke, nor some “Desperate Housewives”/ESPN Monday Night Football promo setup gone horribly awry. The real situation is horrifying without embellishment.

Todd Haley’s wife and au pair (nanny, again to translate from PC into American) stopped at that American institution, the drive through window at McDonald’s, for a snack. They opted for a healthy McSalad (note: the chicken bacon ranch McSalad has more fat and calories than a Big Mac, but we’ll cut ‘em a break). Instead of their healthy greenery, they received healthy greenery with an extra special topping.

A 6-inch long dead roof rat.

All together now! “EWWWWWW!”
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Dead animals in my food, I'M LOVIN' IT!

Posted by Rich at 10/27/06 14:15:50

Waiiiit a minute--I've seen the size of a Mickey D's salad; how can you NOT see a 6-inch rat in it?!

I think Haley must have got a sneak preview of the next T.O. book, "Little T Learns to Gain Cheap Sympathy for Himself"

Posted by Jade at 10/27/06 15:49:36

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