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Stern to NBA Players Union: 9mm is no longer a part of the uniform.

Credit goes to The Critic for finding this gem.

Today, all the NBA Players have to leave their guns at home. ...the one in your Lugz, Stephen. Give it to security. There we go. Anyways, Wyatt Earp... fuck, I mean David Stern gave a mandate to the entire NBA that 9mm handguns are still not a part of the NBA Dress Code. They also can't be slipped in under the accessory rule. While we're at it, you can't slip them anywhere on the business suits that you're forced to wear now, Toby.

To top this all off, you fuckers can't wear it on the low-hanging chain that you can't wear anymore. Now that we have that clear, NBA, time for you to go back to making shitty rap albums and movies, while finding creative ways to get thrown out of strip clubs.

So, what will Sebastian Telfair do for fun now? Hire another thug to shoot Fagolous again?
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That is the kid of shit that's going to get David Stern shot in a drive-by.

Posted by Ron at 10/27/06 22:55:50

And you know these guys can't shoot straight. They'd end up killing the wrong guy or a rapper (not that bad of an idea)

Posted by The Critic at 10/28/06 08:13:37

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