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A motivational speech for the Detroit Tigers

All right, so maybe the Cardinals are up 3 games to 1, thanks in no small part to the new and upcoming SportsBastards Baseball Curse, in which any team we pick to choke and die will obviously be very successful. At least we’re starting traditions on this day, our 100th total blog post.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Jade’s Fantasy Team Curse, as well. She stocked her team with Tigers, which had I known this last week, I would’ve picked the Cards in a sweep. When Jade puts a player on her fantasy playoffs roster, his performance goes in the toilet (see Zumaya, Joel).

Thanks a lot, Jade. I think you did this on purpose, just to make me look bad. I’m not going to fret until after the Cardinals prove me wrong. I mean, if the Yankees can choke away a three game lead, so can the Cardinals. After all, the Cardinals have the best choking coach in history on their bench, and Tony leads by example.

It’s up to you, Jim Leyland. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, knock back a beer, harness your inner Walter Matthau (I’ll accept Billy Bob Thornton, even), and turn those Bad News Bears of yours (from the beginning of the movie) into the Bad News Bears at the end of the movie, where they play well and don’t make dumb mistakes and errors.

Let's go out there and win this one! Not for ourselves, or for our coach who is probably growing cancerous as we speak, or for our economically-depressed city, but for Ron!

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Leyland needs to cough-give these guys some inspiration.

Posted by Critic at 10/27/06 13:13:47

*gives Ron a smeksmeksmek*

I can take no credit for Zumaya, babe, he's not on my team. :p

For the record, here's the list of the doomed (although I dunno if I'd say truly doomed because at the moment, I'm in 5th place out of 20 people in the league):

P Kenny Rogers (pine tar and all)
P Todd Jones
P Adam Wainwright

C Yadier Molina
OF Craig Monroe
OF Curtis Granderson
CI Brandon Inge
MI Carlos Guillen
DH Magglio Ordonez

They may not be able to catch a ball or throw a runner out at first, but as long as they can hit, I'm all set.

Besides, why should you be complaining? You've got a potentially marketable curse on your hands. If the Cards win, you'll be up there with Chunky Soup and SI--but people will actually be asking you to say they suck. ;)

Posted by Jade at 10/27/06 15:41:55

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I agree...give these guys some inspiration!

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