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This is the archive for April 2010

The Wild, Wild, WILD, West (West Playoff Primer)

"What are you screaming for? I haven't even cut you yet."

Since we're about two weeks out from the single most anticipated remake in the history of ever (IMO), I figured I'd kickstart my look out West with a quote from A Nightmare On Elm Street. Now yes, I get that Denver/Utah got started last night and as I type, Da Champs and those young Thundercats are going at it in Los Angeles. Still doesn't mean I can't give you my take on how this, arguably the toughest conference in all of sports (49 win teams need not apply here) could conceivably give us our first champion of the new decade.

So let's get started with...

The East Brief or Brief East (Playoff Primer 1 of 2)

Another Spring, another postseason which means one thing...

No, not Spring Flings. No, not another season of owners bitching about the Yanks and Sawks. (Glares at Milwaukee owner Joe Schmoe) It's time for the NBA Playoffs. So while Cleveland puts the screws and everything else to Chicago and Vinny (hey, someone had to give Paxson a break, yah?)...I figured I'd take this time out to give my unique POV on all things playoff related. Now, since the East is all but a forgone conclusion, well...I'll do this as to not totally disrespect the conference.

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