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This is the archive for April 2010

Respect For The Conn-glomerate

So my bracket or brackets in the Men's field were an abject failure. (Sans the one where I went Devil's Advocate and picked Duke.) This may have been one year where going to the Women's side of things, may have been a safer bet. Why? Because The Conn-glomerate reigned supreme and sans last night's national title game, not one game was close past the ten minute mark of the first half. I know the majority of the nation thinks anything sports related pertaining to women should have some type of hot oil, wax or bikini involved. But I guess I'm chivalrous and beyond such chauvinistic things. As of last night, UConn's women are sitting on top of the college basketball world with 78 straight wins. Including a less than impressive win last night over the team which handed them their last loss some two years ago in the National Semifinal, Stanford.