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This is the archive for October 2009

The Finality Of It All (NBA Preview 3/3)

Thankfully, half of this has been written for me because the upper echelon of the league has already established itself. Orlando, Boston, San Antonio, Los Angeles are your top four teams this season. Hands down, there's no debating that. If I had to pick one team to crack this group, it's Utah based on things I covered in Part 2 of my 3 part Preview Edition. Since this might be a very short column, I have taken it upon myself to...okay, I'll hold off on that for now. Oh but I'm sure some might be of the thinking, why not Cleveland? Well, I figure for a few reasons...

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The Rest Of The West & Two Sleepers That Will Shock (At Least 1 Guaranteed!/NBA Preview 2 of 3)

Alright, thankfully, the Eastern Conference did most of my work for me by being so mediocre it's not worth expounding on the way I'm going to with the Western Conference. Know that anything of the NBA Championship discussion should only revolve around two teams in the East...Boston and Orlando. That's IT. Sure, you'll hear Cleveland mentioned but as Joe Pesci said in My Cousin Vinny...

"Everything that guy said is bullshit. Thank you."

Alright, let's get down to it shall we? There's a hiearchy established in the West, we know this. There's the Lakers and Spurs, the only two teams this decade to hoist that trophy beyond the Celts, Heat & Pistons. (Wow, think about that for a minute. In a 10 year span, we've had the title go between five different teams and two of those have had it for about half of this DECADE. More than half if you're the Lakers.) So in a matter of wrestling speak, the Lakers are the Triple H of this thing and the Spurs are Randy Orton. (I say this because almost every attempt they've had at repeating have ended at the hands of the Lakers. Orton's title reigns with the exception of his most recent one, have ended at the hands of Triple H.) So let's get to the proceedings this evening, shall we? In keeping with my schedule, I'm giving you the rest of the West picture as it fills out behind the Spurs and Lake Show. Those two teams will be spoken on in length in my final preview piece. Today, I cover the other six teams and possible sleepers to watch for. Firstly, last year's playoff teams...

Nuggets, Rockets, Trail Blazers, Jazz, Mavericks, Hornets

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Storylines By "Association"...Or Something Of That Sort.

And so Fall has arrived...or if you're in the Midwest like me, you're wondering where did Summer really go. (Or what someone did with it, because it never showed up!) I mean seriously, I can count on both hands how many times the thermometer topped 90 here in Ohio. Otherwise, it was just one really long Indian Summer and now, leaves have changed (the Browns have admitted to fucking up yet again with their QB, another first rounder of theirs bites the dust and yes, I'm going to get to this in a bit) and we're weeks away from my favorite time of the year...

BASKETBALL!!! (Yeah, this includes College too.)

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