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This is the archive for April 2009

It's All Hype And It's Bad For You. (Playoff Preview 2/2)

In a little under two and a half hours, the NBA Playoffs shall commence. In Part 1 of my annual playoff preview, I gave you rankings sans four teams (the Cavs, Lakers, Spurs & Rich/Creamys). In Part 2, I shall give you the remaining rankings, with the final two comprising what I think we'll see in June. So before I do that, a recap of the previous 12 teams and why I ranked them how I did.

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From 8 to ??? (The Anti-Hype Playoff Preview)

In a matter of 24 hours, damn near everything changed in the East with word that KG's possibly/probably out for the rest of the postseason. All of a sudden, what was a possible Cleveland/Boston rematch now has taken on a 'pass the crown and get out of our way' feel. Something akin to Spinks/Ali when Ali was more or less on his way out, only he forgot the 'retire gracefully and save what's left of your face and all that' part. However, I don't think it's that cut and dry. Neither will be what is the traditional NBA Playoff preview from yours truly. 16 teams. 8 in each conference. I'm done reviewing series and all that, because I thought up something else overnight. I will rank the teams in descending order, from 8 to 1 for each conference. The first four will obviously be the ones that aren't around after the first two weekends of basketball.

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