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This is the archive for April 2009

Have Neckbeard, Will Travel

It's a sad day for Bears fans. No longer will their quarterback position be the domain of sex cannons or neckbeards. Instead they get Jay Cutler and his diabeetus. Excuse me if I shed a little tear.

I know I might be the only one, but I love Kyle Orton. He's awesome, and he's not a terrible quarterback. I may be the only one who thinks he's serviceable in the NFL, and I'm okay with that. I watched a lot of Bears games last year and he was never outright terrible. Still, I think Da Bears got fleeced by Boy Blunder in this particular trade.

Team Ditka Gets:
Gay Cutlery
2009 Fifth Round draft pick

The New Team Neckbeard Gets:
The Roadie
2009 First Round draft pick
2009 Third Round draft pick
2010 First Round draft pick

Yes, I know Jay Cutler is the second coming of John Elway, etc., but I don't think I've seen a Bears team with a good, non-crazy quarterback in my life. Even Jim McMahon had a little maniac about him. But Jay Cutler is mostly sane, if a bit of a crybaby! Where's the fun in that?!