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This is the archive for May 2008

Kicking It "Old School"...Sorta. (Finals Preview)

Well, looks like David Stern gets what he wants after all. The two best teams in the league, the two most storied franchises in all of the NBA going after its richest prize. He's gonna get the marquee names he wants and should all go according to plan...this might be as good as the old Celtics/Lakers battles of old. Unfortunately, there will be no Scalabrine clothesline to LA's Luke Walton. Even still, let's break this down shall we? It's Kobe Bauer and Showtime 2K8 versus The Boston Three Party.
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And Then There Were 4. (Conference Final Preview)

So we're down to four in the NBA. Three traditional "institutions" within the annals of the NBA and the 'Black Sheep' that nobody wants to acknowledge. Breakdown time...

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