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This is the archive for May 2008

Gasp, A Decent NFL Team!

I'm one of the first people to gleefully jump on any misbehaving scumbag NFL player or shitty ownership group for their misdeeds, but today I figured I'd change things up and actually, you know, point out something positive that an NFL team has done for someone other than themselves. Generally, those NFL squads only watch out for their bottom line and generally have no fear when it comes to cutting injured players or screwing over those they need to be protecting most (see the NFL retirees, for example). Right now, I've got nothing but praise for the Buffalo Bills organization.

You might remember the story of Kevin Everett, the Bills special teamer who took a hit to the helmet wrong and broke his neck last season. He worked hard in physical therapy, made a miracle recovery, and was well enough to walk into the Bills' final home game of the season. By all accounts, the fact that he's even out of bed is astounding, but even more astounding is the fact that Buffalo did something for him.

Today, Buffalo waived Kevin Everett.

I know what you're thinking, "How does being waived actually help this guy?"

Well, by waiving him now, rather than last year, the Bills ensured that Everett got both his full salary from last year, and his all-important third year of NFL service, which means he's now fully vested in the NFLPA retirement plan. This means he'll be able to apply for lifetime disability payments ($224,000 a year!) and a one-time payment of $75,000 for his medical expenses. Now it's up to the NFLPA to do the right thing (for once) and put Everett on the fast track to the benefits he deserves.