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This is the archive for February 2008

David Tyree: Wide Reciever/Comedian?

I saw this snippet of Super Bowl hero David Tyree's chat on ESPN reposted over at Good Guy At Sports, and it was too good not to pass along here, too. Considering just how serious most athletes take themselves (Shaq, Peyton Manning, and Gilbert Arenas aside), I thought it was pretty good for SOMEONE to prove that you can both be a professional athlete and still crack a smile now and then.

Mikey (NY): Congrats on becoming a NY hero! You seem to have avery strong hands, is that just natural, or do you work on your hand strength?

David Tyree: (12:53 PM ET ) What are you trying to say?!?! I'm married! But no.

Later on, he passed along this gem.

Herb (Philly): Was there any stickum on your helmet?

David Tyree: (1:12 PM ET ) Are you really a Giants fan? Because I cannot release information to the enemy.

David Tyree: (1:13 PM ET ) We may have a Stick'um gate on our hands.

No matter how pissed off you might be about the result of the game, you have to admit these are some pretty funny quotes.

The Patriots' new colors: blue, white, and prison orange!

The Patriots have leaped out to an early lead in the race for "Most Off-Season Arrests." They didn't even make it a week after losing in the Super Bowl before their first arrest. Willie Andrews, second year defensive back, was arrested near the campus of UMass Lowell for possession of marijuana and driving an unregistered vehicle (probably because he was using it to transport a "significant amount" of pot). Yet another reason for Roger the Dodger Goodell to come down hard on the Pats, since Spygate wasn't enough.

To be fair to Andrews, I'm sure it was a classy, professional arrest with no showboating or douchebaggery involved. Not that those flashy Bengals or Chargers and their felony drug charges, underage girls, and boating while intoxicated. Still, Nate Newton is very proud of you, Willie.

Let the Curse of the Red Hoodie begin?


I was wrong. I'm going to start this out by saying that. I was wrong about Coughlin. He did not just what I thought was next to impossible, but damn sure was unthinkable. However, I was right about Eli. Whom, as of this moment, shall be referred to by me as Elijah Franchise. He is no longer Eli Manning, that name was taken by mediocre and so so QBs who did nothing of consequence for most of their careers. Eli, like myself on a personal level, understood the importance of seeing where the name is and taking it to heights where nobody thought it could be.

(And Jade, I'm all smiles knowing that just as your boys attempted to take occupancy on the block, their car got picked off in typical NY mobster fashion. :-P)

Ahem, moving along, this game went the way NY wanted. They made stops when they had to, they didn't let themselves get rattled whenever NE came back with a big shot and they retaliated when necessary. Eli didn't make the big mistake that cost them and Brady never got the big play when he needed it. And who would've thunk this, but Coughlin actually outcoached Belichick. He did what even I thought was unthinkable. So now what for the Giants? Well, a healthy Shockey makes this offense much better (maybe a ring on his finger gets him rededicated to working out with Elijah Franchise this offseason after he completes rehab) and I think this secondary still needs some help at the corner position.

Funny thing is, I'm euphoric right about now and buzzing. I still think the Pats will be back and all told, maybe this does for them what losing to the 'Boys in 1971 did for the No Name 'Fins. Still, all is great if you're a New Yorker/Jerseyan. The Mets got Johan for virtually the price of a handful of Jolly Ranchers out of one of those old school containers and the Giants managed to pull off the most improbable of upsets beating the previously unbeaten Patriots. Looks like Goodell won't have to answer questions about why the reigning champions had evidence of them cheating destroyed when he addresses Capitol Hill. Looks like the next president won't be shaking hands with Belichick and Brady, at least not this year anyway.

Oh and how can I forget this one...

It looks like cheaters never prosper after all. *Evil laugh* GO BLUE!

The End Is...Here. (SB Breakdown)

For one team on Sunday, history’s going to be made.

For the Patriots, it becomes Apocalypse Now if they win. How you figure? Well, consider these facts…

A) Randy Moss and Brady have all but said they’ll be retiring together. If Randy hasn’t convinced you that he’s back and greater than ever, take a look at the MVP trophy that’s resting on Tom Brady’s shelf and think again. (Oh and statistically speaking, which is yet another testament to how great Randy is, there have been two offenses that have scored off the charts like this. The 1998 Vikes that SHOULD HAVE been Super in his rookie year and this year’s Pats. Common denominator in both…Moss.)

B) While they will be without the 32nd pick in April’s draft, I hear tell there’s going to be some choice meat available at 7.

C) They’ll still have Belichick on that sideline who has proven that coordinators may come and go, but as long as he stays, they’ll win.

D) Barring a major overhaul which won’t happen, do you see another team in the AFC that will be able to stop them next season? Seriously.

Oh yeah, forgot one other thing. After all that’s happened this year, Spygate and the Pats basically spitting in the face of sportsmanship during the first half of the year, you really think Iron Hand Goodell wants to hand the Lombardi Trophy to Belichick, Kraft and company? He wants that as much as he wants to answer for why he destroyed the tapes and documents he confiscated in D.C. in the near future.

Make no mistake about this, there’s no need for me to do a statistical breakdown because this isn’t close. It’s not. The hard truth of the matter is this might be as perfect a team as we may see. Period. Nothing shy of a perfect Villanova/Georgetown 1985 type game is going to pry trophy number four away from Brady and Belichick who will eclipse Noll and Bradshaw as the greatest coach/QB duo in the history of the game before the end of this decade. (And Jade, trust me, a herd of black cats could cross in front of Brady and I still don’t see them losing this game Sunday.)

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