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This is the archive for December 2008

Just a Fantasy

And so, The Sports Bastards Fantasy Football League season has come to an end for 2008. It was an interesting year; Ron continued his domination of the league (at least until the playoffs, when he developed a case of turf toe or something), Jaime got smacked down at the start by the loss of Tom Brady and the slow start of her 'Bolts and never quite recovered, and I got to prove to my teenage son just who kicks fantasy-football ass in this family. ;)

Here's this year's results:

1. Tydi
2. DaNiners
3. The Jaded Team
4. Team Unstoppable
5. Neos Perfect Team
6. Cuban Raft Riders
7. Trojan Men
8. Drunk Luck
9. Team IR
10. Farve's Unretirement

Congrats to Tydi, and here's hoping we see everyone back for 2009!