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This is the archive for November 2010

The Later Than LeBron Wants To Be Playing NBA Preview Edition

Well, as it turns out, I actually had this written two weeks ago. No, really, I did. Then work got to me and for whatever the reason, I didn't get around to finishing it. Sometimes, stuff just works out for the best. I'll hit on a few things I feel worth noting and well, I guess we'll go from there. Oh and starting this year, Len Cosell's gonna start dedicating his columns to various women within the sports world. This year's NBA column goes out to my favorite ESPN female not named Beadle, namely Erin Andrews. :P (Hey, I'm single. I'm allotted the leeway to do this sort of thing until some woman snatches me up and domesticates me. Then I'll have to get creative on how I do it. :P)

Busting The BCS In One Simple Blog...

Alright, I guess if Bill Simmons can slack off on his favorite column, I can mine, right? Don't worry, I'm going to make it well worth your wait, trust me. :) I find it's kinda funny that we are just weeks away from Thanksgiving and we're looking at just four unbeaten teams. Two from the "Traditional Power" part of the country, two from the "Affirmative Action" part of the country. Alright, yours truly is going to go through this one time for the great time. Give you each team, why they should be playing for the National Title and why they inevitably will or won't be. Fun, right? Oh, I feel the need to offer a solution to the present BCS quandry and it doesn't involve a "playoff" for this reason...

It doesn't need one. The regular season is playoff enough for teams. Why do you think teams like Ohio State are so petrified of scheduling the Broncos From The Blue Lagoon or Horny Toads From Texas Christian? Because they can't handle a possible loss from one of those teams, then have to deal with possibly running the table within their own conference. (Multiply this next year with newly rejuvenated Nebraska coming into the mix next season.) So...let's make with the solution, shall we? Top 10 teams, get BCS consideration. By that I'm talking from the Orange to the Rose, Sugar to Los Fiestas. Top two teams (in this instance, Oregon and Auburn), play for the title. Now if we factor in the "Plus One", the Boise State/TCU rematch would be for the right to play the winner of Oregon/Auburn. Just to put a UFC touch on it, the Boise/TCU winner would be deemed the "Interim National Champion" who would face Oregon/Auburn winner for the right to be crowned the BCS Naitonal Champion.

So, let's get to it.