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The golden boot

Matt Bryant, the world's first real-life fantasy football player, kicked a game-winning 62-yard field goal as you can see above. My best kick on a football video game is only 61 yards. I suck at Madden, apparently, because if you can do this in real life I ought to be able to do it on a video game.
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The bad part, the man still had enough to make it a 65 yarder as you saw that he had enough room to hit the net. That's what's scary about him.

Posted by Rich at 10/24/06 08:05:32

It would have made it from 66 yards (Physics people looked at it)

Posted by The Critic at 10/24/06 09:49:10

My question is why is this guy not an NFL kicker?!

Posted by Ron at 10/24/06 14:13:32

Because that kick was apparently the exception for him and not the rule. Even HE didn't think it was going to be good. You could probably give him that kick to do over 100 times and he'd fail every time.

Posted by Jade at 10/25/06 01:42:04

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