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Favre The Viking?

Alright, I know we’ve been through this before. Favre can’t make up his mind whether he wants in or out. He has “retired” with the proficiency of a boxer, just ask Floyd Mayweather Jr. who is coming back in July. Apparently, just flat out saying you’re uninterested in your sport and want to go away until it gets interesting again, or want a bigger payday. Or in the case of Favre and this is what I think this really comes down to…

Payback. Sometimes, it’s just that simple. Brett Favre was sent packing (pardon the pun) by the franchise he helped revitalize in the mid 90s last season. Traded to the Jets for virtually nothing, so that Aaron Rodgers could get handed the keys to the car. Someone must have forgotten to run the little story by Ted Thompson on how this worked out for San Francisco in the early 90s. Sure, San Fran got one Super Bowl, but it took Jimmy Johnson retiring (George Seifert never beat Jimmy in the playoffs) for them to finally get by the Cowboys and get the “monkey” (who knew backups got those things?!) off Steve Young’s back. San Fran got rid of the man who made their franchise something in the 80s, fuck, he made them THE TEAM OF THE 80s…and haven’t been the same since. They haven’t seen an NFC Championship since 1994, haven’t advanced past the second round since that Super Bowl winning year either. Miami and Denver have had similar QB issues since their franchise QBs have retired, neither one having any legitimate success since Elway and Marino called it quits. Denver more dubiously, has seen its best QB since Elway hung it up pout his way to Chicago in return for Kyle Orton and a slew of rookies to be named later. But now, Green Bay finds itself faced with a most haunting image. Not just Favre coming back, but coming back…in Purple. Viking Purple at that. So to do as one Don King would, I’m gonna tell you why it SHOULD happen, why we should allow it to happen and why if you’re the Vikes, revolting would be greatly encouraged if at some point before training camp…Brett Favre jerseys aren’t available in Viking Purple.

1) Why The Vikings NEED THIS TO HAPPEN?
- Quick, someone give me the name of the last remotely good QB the Vikings have had not named Culpepper or Cunningham. If you named Wade Wilson or Erik Kramer, take your dunce cap and sit in the corner. Minnesota hasn’t seen a QB this great since Tarkenton left. Yes, THAT FAR BACK. This team right now, is banking on the likes of Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels (yeah, he’s still breathing) to help get this team over the hump in the NFL’s equivalent of the Eastern Conference (in short, if you have a pulse and aren’t the Lions, you can win the NFC…just ask the Cardinals). Problem is, with either of those guys at the helm, Minny doesn’t win the NFC North. Even with the offense behind the QB, A-Franchise (Adrian Peterson), Bernard Berrian and a very staunch front line…the QB position will kill this team in a game where the ground attack is short circuited and most THROW to win. In a game that comes down to one last game winning drive, what are you gonna do? Put the game in Sage Rosenfels’ hands and ask him to win it for you? Or drive the team down for a potential game tying field goal? Yeah fucking right. Fans may as well call in radio stations now to call for Brad’s head on a pike.

Minnesota flat out blew it in not trying to get Donovan away from Philly (I seriously think if they pushed hard enough, Donovan would’ve jumped on board, he’s not winning anything in Philly) and Jackson’s not the answer at QB. The window of opportunity in the NFC has taken on the form of a glass sliding door, that anyone can walk or just flat out crash through whenever they so choose. Hell, there’s hope for even you Lion fans out there. (No joke.) But truth be told, Minnesota needs Favre about as badly as Favre needs Minnesota.

1A) Why Favre Needs This To Happen?
- Because last year left a horrible taste in his mouth that his career accomplishments will NOT wash out. His three MVP trophies, his Super Bowl win in 1996, all those records…washed away because of the indignity he suffered thanks to Ted Thompson. It would not shock me if he had target practice with a picture of Rodgers and Thompson together on it, bullet holes or knife cuts puncturing them both. Favre needs this to happen because he needs redemption, something that cannot come with just one token game against his former team. Oh no. This is what we thought Shaq and Kobe would be when Shaq was dealt to Phoenix, only a lot more nastier. Favre going to Minnesota would INSTANTLY rejuventate an old school NFC North rivalry that has all but gone by the wayside. Can you imagine hearing the Lambeau faithful when Favre comes jogging out in Minny purple? You boo Favre or the man who replaced him in Green Bay if you’re a faithful Cheesehead?

Favre should’ve been playoff bound last year, but alas, he was not. With the Vikings, he can have that shot again and this time, have a chance to stick it to Green Bay TWICE. Thrice if the two teams should make the playoffs, which would be all the sweeter for Favre personally. I do believe he really wants this and I seriously wouldn’t doubt Brett doing whatever it takes to get this done. So…

2) Why should we be cool with this happening?
- Is it getting old with his constant retirements that never last? Of course, but does it stop us from letting it slide when every Roy Jones Jr., Pretty Boy Floyd and the like does it in boxing? Does it stop us from buying the records of the likes of Jay-Z and Eminem when they walk away from the game just to come back with a few more records for us to buy? (By the by, they should’ve stayed retired…their new shit sucks.) On top of that, seriously, when’s the last time we had a good ole fashioned hate like what’s brewing between the Pack and Favre? Would you NOT sit down and watch two Vikings/Packers game this year if Brett donned the Purple? Come on, that’s damn great television we’d be watching. I mean, how odd would it be for those Packers on D trying to get to Favre? Are they legitimately trying to take his head off, or are they not trying to hurt him out of respect and reverence of #4’s memory in Packer yellow?

The NFL doesn’t have that many truly vitriolic feuds and the backstory with Favre and the Pack would be great. Again, going back to 1994, one game just didn’t suffice when Joe Montana led the Chiefs over the 49ers and Steve Young. I think deep down, Carmen Policy knew Joe still had it and didn’t want to see him again. EVER…as long as he could help it. That’s why, in situations like this, you trade the guy OUT OF CONFERENCE. You don’t want this guy coming back with vendetta on the brain. This would be a flat out nightmare for Thompson and the Packers, should this come to pass and if you’re a Viking fan, consider this. It has been nine years since the Vikings last NFC Championship game appearance. Know what’s happened since then?

- The team which absolutely mauled the Vikings in that game, the Giants, they won a Super Bowl. That makes three in the last three decades, an NFL record.
- Randy Moss has since gotten to a Super Bowl, something he vowed to do after losing that abomination of an NFC Championship game.
- The Vikings have NOT gotten out of the second round since that NFC Championship game appearance.
- They had to endure Mike Tice scalping tickets, Randy Moss in all his uh…glory and oh yeah, that ‘boat’ scandal.
- Oh and the Arizona Cardinals won the NFC last year after like…years and years of failure and mediocrity.

If nothing else doesn’t make you sick as a Viking fan, that last one should. Opportunities like this one, do NOT come along often, if at all. Your franchise can have a future Hall of Famer for virtually NOTHING AT ALL. All you have to do is call with a number, get Favre and his agent to agree and voila, you’ve got a great starter behind center handing off to Adrian Peterson. So I say, Vikings, let's get this done. Let's get Favre back on the field for what will be the final time, so he can stick it to Ted Thompson the same way Montana did the Niners in 1994. ONLY IN THE NATIONAL...FOOTBALL LEAGUE!!!
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So...Favre as a Viking? Really? I mean, I know that's the team he wanted to go to last season, but he's retired for good, right? I'm not so sure anymore.

Do I think Favre still has game? Absolutely. Do I think he is still starting quarterback material? Absolutely. My issue with Brett Favre is this: if you want to play, then play; if you want to retire, then retire.

I understand that people see last season as Brett's failure, but come on. Remember that the Jets finished 9-7 last season, and the only reason that they didn't make the post season was because of a couple of critical losses toward the end of the regular season. Losses that were not entirely Favre's fault. Let's not forget about the Jet's defense, or lack thereof. So it is entirely unreasonable to throw the entirety of the blame onto Brett's shoulders.

During Brett Favre's season with the Jets, he fulfilled the job description of an NFL quarterback: the scapegoat of his team.

-Mr. Will

Posted by at 05/07/09 15:51:11

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