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Ice Pack - 1, Pittsburgh Steelers - 0

Hey everybody, the doctor is in.

Since this is my first posting, I should introduce myself to the crowd. I'm known to many as Spindoctor, but I'll go by Spinler on here. I may not be the funniest of contributers, but I can throw the punches with the best of 'em. My major sports interests are Major League Baseball, the NFL, College Football, College Basketball, and International Soccer (the MLS blows). I would have to say I am a huge Minnesota Twins fan, which was helped by growing up in Minnesota. You may have noticed that I seem to comment a lot about Wyoming and the Mountain West, and this is cause its easier for me to comment on what I know and after spending 5 years "at altitude," it's what I am most familiar with. I have since moved into Pac-10 country, and let's just say, the grass isn't any greener here.

Now, enough about me and onto the real reason for the posting...

The defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers have a new nemesis this week, and it isn't the Kansas City Chiefs. Who might it be, you ask?

Well, it's not a who, but a what, and the what is none other than an ice pack. Steelers starting RG Kendall Simmons will be out for Sunday's game against the Chiefs because he got frostbite, in October! This peculiar injury occured when Simmons placed a "cooling device" on his foot to relieve a previous, non-gametime missing injury. He then managed to fall asleep with the device on his foot. He is listed as being out with an ice burn to his foot. How embarrassing must this be, not only for Simmons, but for the trainers of the Steelers as well. I guess the ice pack has finally gained its revenge on athletes.

This news made me want to investigate some of the other injuries that professional athletes have suffered off of the field that occured in strange ways. I will take excerpts from a list of injuries to professional baseball players that I found on

*Clint Barmes (Colorado Rockies) - Broke his collarbone when he fell down the stairs carrying deer meat into his apartment.

*Ken Griffey Jr. (Seattle Mariners) - Griffey once missed a game after suffering a pinched testicle from his protective cup.

*Rickey Henderson (Toronto Blue Jays) - Missed several games because of frostbite…in August…caused by falling asleep on an ice pack. Funny how Simmons didn't learn his lesson from Rickey.

*Sammy Sosa (Chicago Cubs) - Missed a game after throwing out his back…while sneezing.

And one from the NFL...

*The great Roger Craig (San Francisco 49ers) - Cut his hand…while undoing a bra strap. Awesome.
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I like the fact that Roger Craig hurt himself doing something most guys spend a lot of time doing between ages 13 and death. You'd think that since he was a pro athlete that he'd be able to unhook a bra in his sleep.

Posted by Ron at 10/14/06 02:29:57

But Roger Craig wasn't a thug, Ron. He was faithful to his wife, so he was a bit rusty on removing a bra in 7 seconds flat, unlike most of the male staff here to which Luis probably has the fastest time at 2 seconds...

Posted by Rich at 10/14/06 09:25:53

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