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The Olympic Spirit Is All About Kicking Officials In The Face

Whatever you do, don't piss off Cuban tae kwon do Olympian Angel Valodia Matos because, as the photo from AP stringer Matt Dunham shows, he'll probably kick you in the face. After all, when he found himself disqualified in the bronze metal match in men's over 80K tae kwon do match for taking too long due to an injury, he didn't take it like a man. Well, he did take it like a man if that man is Steven Seagal. Matos decided to resolve his differences with match referee Chakir Chelbat by kicking the Swedish official square in the face.

Ow, my nose!

Kazakhstan's Arman Chilmanov won the bronze medal and will definitely have to work twice as hard to defend himself from the Jew's claws now. Matos and his coach earned lifetime ban from the World Taekwondo Federation. As it turns out, they kind of look down on pushing judges, pushing and kicking officials, spitting on the mat, and then later not apologizing for it.

H/T: Dave Barry
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I'd like to send him over to the Olympic boxing section to have a word (or in this case, a foot) with the judges there--they make professional boxing judges actually look semi-competent.

Posted by Jade at 08/24/08 12:11:04

Wow, this man is the true spirit of fair play... And I can think of a few places he needs to go, like judging the ages of those gymnasts. Imagine if the coach lied to him.

Posted by Rich at 08/25/08 13:45:03

The referee looks like a one of the Chipmunks in this picture.

Posted by Anthony at 08/27/08 10:20:35

Well never mine the kick in the face, but Not Apologizing For It!?
Now that pushing it too far man.

Posted by Sports news at 08/28/08 08:42:05

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