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Those Wonderfully Racist Japs

Dear Hichori Morimoto,

Please come to America, win Gold gloves, and wear things like this. You'd be exactly what American baseball needs to distract from Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and the trackmarks in Lenny Dykstra's mullet region.


You're the man. Seriously, don't let anyone change you. Continue to be as crazy as you want to be. Wear stilts, wear that Conehead hat, and continue to dress as Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z. Better yet, do all these things at the same time! You're like a funnier Chad Johnson or a less-creepy Carrot Top.


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I smell a new Chicago White Sox player--assuming Jim Thome won't faint when he says his name. ;)

Posted by Jade at 12/16/07 20:13:21

A decent blog you've got over here. Rickey approves of it.

Posted by Rickey Henderson at 12/20/07 08:12:03

The Japanese Restaurants that allow sushi to be eaten/consumed off of sexy-ass naked women - is what I call a foreign distraction from all that other shit that you mentioned above......

Posted by O.D. at 01/06/08 16:06:47

That is so wonderfully wrong.

Posted by Anthony at 01/07/08 05:16:33

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