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The End Has Come Again

As much as I love my Yankee fan friends. (That's Jade and Ande, both females, it seems) Girls, the empire has officially died. It doesn't matter how many postseason games you make it to. If you can't make it past the first round, arguements are null and void. You can't say, "We made it to the postseason for X number of years." It doesn't matter. Teams with less money like the Twins, A's, and the teams still in the playoffs (excepting the Red Sox).

But for George's asshole statement of blamine Joe, fuck George. Come to think of it, fuck Cashman for not having the balls to tell George that he's full of shit for wanting overpaid and overaged players. In fact, the fact that George wants to jettison Torre, just because. That's fucking wrong. Joe Torre is still one of the best managers around. (Yes, Len. He is, and so is Willie Randolph, so fuck firing him, too.) And George won't look at who's fault it really is.

The Indians had three things. Younger players. Younger and stronger pitchers. Heart. George has none of that, including that last part. It's time to rebuild. Boss, you're too much of a fucking brat. Cashman is the only person with sense on that management staff. Your sons don't know shit. You don't know shit. So, it's time to listen to what your staff is saying. Get rid of A-Rod. Get rid of Matsui. Get rid of Jeter. Get rid of Giambi. Get in a new coaching staff to help Torre.

Yes, Jade. I said get rid of Jeter. Jeter hasn't had heart for years. He's going through the motions. The Bronx needs a reality check. If you keep arguing that he earned his status, I'll counter back, he lost it last night with that don't give a shit attitude while losing. The Yankees fans want winners. Then all of you bitches need to butch up and start cutting a lot of dead weight.

Because, I for one, want the Evil Empire back to curse at. Not this shell of an Empire that George wants to fuck around with...
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*gives Rich a smeksmeksmek* Okay, who's been feeding this man Len pills? ;)

Silly Rich, you mustn't let what George Steinbrenner says in the heat of playoffs get to you. After all, this is the man who hired and fired Billy Martin about a dozen times. He thinks that if he threatens Torre with the loss of his job, the players will rally to support their manager and proceeed to slaughter all in their path on their way to another World Series victory. (Someone needs to stop letting George watch all those old sports movies.) Cooler heads will prevail, trust me. After all, if Torre didn't get fired last year, he's not going to get fired, period.

Whether he wants to stay and deal with George's bullshit for another year or more may be another story.

As to Jeter's heart (or lack thereof), I will spare you a smiting this time--but just this once. As I believe I have said before, no one--and I do mean NO ONE--has more heart on that team than Jeter. Just because he isn't throwing Ozzie Guillen-style fits all over the place doesn't mean he doesn't care. Jeter is a "lead by example" kind of leader. He simply goes out there and does his job to the best of his ability. If it wasn't for Jeter's leadership in the clubhouse, the Yankees would have completely tanked ages ago. Do not make me repeat this every year or I will hurt you.

As to the playoffs, when you consider how godawful the Yankees were at the beginning of the year, it's a miracle we even GOT to the playoffs in the first place. Yes, it would have been nice to get past the first round and even win the whole shebang (hell, it would have been nice just to get further than the Sux), but our quota for miracles is usually one per season, and we used it up just getting in the door.

Yes, there is some dead weight in need of jettisoning, but Jeter is most definitely not one of them. Mainly, it involves the pitching staff. If Roger Clemens manages to get an ungodly sum of money to nurse his hammy for six months again next year, I'm going to hurt someone. The Moose needs to be released into the wild of retirement. Kyle Farnsworth, Luis Vizcaino, and Ron Villone all need to be kicked to the curb pronto.

As for the rest, sad as I am to have to say it, it's time to let Giambi go. I luvs that boy, but Mientkiewicz is just too damn good at first base, and we really need the DH spot to give players a chance to have a break from fielding without losing their bats. Johnny Damon in particular reaped the benefits, and you saw how that paid off for him at playoff time.

The infusion of new blood this year was a big help, but this is the Yankees--you need to have some veteran presence in place to help the young guys cope with the pressure. This year was the Yankees' equivalent of "rebuilding"; injury notwithstanding, with any luck we will be reaping the benefits next year.

Now stop getting all panicky, ya big silly. Sheesh, it's a good thing you're not a Cubs fan--they're looking at a century without a title.

Posted by Jade at 10/09/07 21:24:06

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Posted by at 10/12/07 02:48:36

And as Rome burns around them, they just keep playing their fiddles praying for the best that will never come.

I smile as I say, burn baby burn. :)

Posted by Len at 10/16/07 11:56:37

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